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What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 2


I am fuming as I walk to the door. why do my sisters have to make such a mess out of everything?

I don’t want to open the door. 424 more words

Rummage Treasures Wrap Up!

Final installment of the Great Rummage Haul!

This is the t-shirt that goes with the In-line skate outfit from 1996.  There was no sign of the rest of the outfit.   370 more words

American Girl

Seen in Stores: Bits and Bobs

Hello friends.  I was at Michaels (craft store) recently and saw a few items that I thought could work for Logan.  I know many Logan-owners eagerly waiting for a bigger wardrobe for this fellow. 256 more words

American Girl

June 22, 2017 AG Release

*claps hands* Right, let’s get to it. First off, I apologize for the layout of this post–for some reason it won’t let me post photos in a mosaic, or combine the images, on mobile. 1,281 more words

American Girl

American Girl Release {June 2017}

G’day, all loyal followers of SSD! I have been excited about AG’s summer release for some time. Here’s some things to think about on their new release. 905 more words

American Girl Summer Update

Hi All, today Brianna and I are coming to you from our local coffeeshop.  It’s a muggy day here and threatening rain, so how better to pass some time than studying American Girl’s new summer releases!   939 more words

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