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Hello, friends!

If my posting activity was a pop quiz, I just got a big fat F-.

I said I’d post twice a week-aaaaand I haven’t posted since the 5th. 214 more words


Gardening... Ellen style

It looks like someone is researching a new hobby/topic. Ellen certainly has a big stack of books on gardening and farming to read!

Lately Ellen has been very interested in having a farm. 708 more words

Doll Stories

JanSport Disney Right Pouch


JanSport Disney Right Pouch |  found at a campus bookstore (then got for Christmas)

Good for Disney lovers of any size!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 470 more words

American Girl

5 Named Modern Characters I Would Collect For If I Had the Money and Space

This would have been a five Girls of the Year I would collect for post (and the fifth doll would have been either Lindsey Bergman or Marisol Luna, in that case) but I adore a certain Contemporary Character so much that I decided to expand this post’s guidelines so that I could include her in it! 736 more words



Izzy in Pink Gracelyn in Purple Kaylyn in Blue.

Hey guys, it’s me Izzy! Ooh, I look stunning in this picture!

Hey, don’t forget me! It’s Gracelyn, and we’re both taking selfies! 71 more words

Favorite Children's Fiction

Children’s fiction has a special place in my heart. Perhaps because I grew up reading, or perhaps because children’s fiction conveys profound yet simple wisdom that regular fiction often overlooks. 1,325 more words

Boho Blouse for Julie or . . .

. . . any other fun-loving doll you happen to own.  I think you’ll agree that this adorable Boho Blouse would be a perfect topper for any jeans, shorts, capris or skirt your doll owns.  136 more words