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American Girls: Helping to make the childless even more ambivalent about having children

It takes a special book to keep you fluctuating between feeling like a shocked adult discovering what goes on in the lives of teens and like a teenager listening to their mom explain some obscure piece of teenage paraphernalia. 687 more words


NPM Day 7:

I haven’t gotten a chance to write a poem today. If I do get a chance to poem, I will probably keep plugging away on my day 3 prompt which is the slowest first draft of a poem I have ever written. 835 more words

thursty Book Club: Let's Talk Tech & Teenagers

Longing for those angsty days of yore when you gossiped behind lockers about what Heather was wearing that day, or whether Greg was also gay and really into you, but just too afraid to come out with it? 162 more words


Lit Up -- Thoughts on Teenagers and Reading

Together and alone, we need literature as California valleys need rain.
David Denby, Lit Up

Back in the 1980s, film critic David Denby wondered “how anyone could be hurt by reading a good book”.

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Claire's Week in Books 7th-14th February

I’ve been really sensible with my book buying this year so far; I’m kind of proud of myself. It wasn’t a conscious decision – not a New Year’s Resolution, or anything like that – though I have had an increasing sense that I maybe ought to get my book habitĀ under control and start reading some of the onesĀ I already have. 826 more words