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Triplets (Big Plans)

Last night Dad and Uncle Ralph had regaled the triplets with stories from their youth of getting blind drunk on Pyrocantha berries.  Casey, Stacey and Tracy were already looking forward the party-hearty times they envisioned.  35 more words

Ethel (Empty Nester)

Ethel tried to take comfort in the fact that little Beatriz was now enrolled in a prestigious college.  Her absence would be felt; but acceptance  into Wellesley would surely ameliorate the pain.    20 more words

Hidden treasures

Goldfinches are among the strictest vegetarians in the bird world, selecting an entirely vegetable diet and only inadvertently swallowing an occasional insect.” (says the… 272 more words


A Beautiful Summer Day at Bombay Hook

The shorebirds are beginning to flock together, even as the summer songbirds are still plentiful. With the blue skies and bright sunshine, it was a wonderful day to spend at my favorite national wildlife refuge! 65 more words


Pocket Prairie

by Carl Strang

This is the time of year when the view out my back window is best.

My neighborhood for the most part is a wildlife desert. 120 more words


THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Native Wildflowers With Wet Feet - Plus Tiny Birds and Froggy Goes a-Courtin'

Well, High Summer in spades, eh?  Ninety degrees!  In the hot sun, buds are bursting all around Bear Creek, especially on plants that have made the township home for  millennia – our native wildflowers. 1,837 more words

This Week At Bear Creek