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Birds in October sun

The tube feeder is hanging in the gingko tree out front. I sat on the front porch steps for a few minutes yesterday and observed the birds. 50 more words


In autumn, I like to watch for birds that are migrating south, but I also enjoy the rear-round regulars that visit our yard. With mating out of the way and young fledged, songbirds focus on the singular task of eating to prepare for the long, lean winter. 151 more words


Alamo Austin

The newly formed square dance club at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa did not escape growing pains. Some joined thinking it was a clogging… 63 more words


An American Goldfinch and a couple of his buddies were enjoying the seeds of the Rubecia flowers in our garden!



last night’s Debate was particularly heated and pushed the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa in to the National Limelight.  The pundits were amazed inasmuch as the topic was… 27 more words

Return of Goldfinch on Shiso Plant

I posted an American goldfinch visiting my potted shiso plant on the deck two weeks ago. I was surprised to see another one a couple of days ago going after the shiso flowers from branch to branch. 17 more words