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Is America Sending Young Inner City Blacks False Sonar

In capitalist societies, we typically are responsible for the choices we make. Some make bad life choices. But when a massive segment of society continues to make poor life choices, do we not have to question whether or not it is the individual or the circumstances in which they were placed? 286 more words

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Will Knowledge Explosion Lead to Peace...or War?

Some ask why prognosticators predict war over peace, as if it is blindly an easier and more provocative path to predict, rather than the harder path to achieve of world peace. 602 more words

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Divine Law Sets the Boundaries Between the Social Contract and Natural Law

The limits of human interaction are bounded by the state of nature and the state of the social contract. Each of these limits, however, is further limited by Divine Law. 441 more words

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Supported the Unalienable Right to a Living Wage

Franklin D. Roosevelt made the leap, incorrectly I believe, that Constitutionally derived rights contained in the Bill of Rights were unalienable rather than manmade. Unalienable rights are not derived by men, but can only be stewarded by him.. 740 more words

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Reforming Congress is the Answer to Fair Taxation

Tax reformists argue that everyone needs “Skin in the Game”. But how is skin defined? In the days of kings, peasants owned no land to tax and kings paid no taxes, of course. 908 more words

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America Should Put All Assets on the Table for Taxation

I wish for society to be as free of government as is can be, that government be limited to those functions enumerated in the Constitution such as providing for the national defense. 1,346 more words

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If I Were Running For President...

If I were running for President of the United States, I would act bold. My ten point platform would include:

10 point platform

1. Reform Congress… 453 more words

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