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Monday Reads: Chaos Happens

It’s Monday! It’s cold, gloomy, drizzly, thundering, and gray here in Swampland. I’m trying to decide when exactly we get to start the America Held Hostage Day count. 1,698 more words

Morning Reads

Friday Reads: Men and the mass Penistyeria surrounding Hillary Clinton

Good Afternoon Skydancers of all shapes, sizes, sex and such!

As we continue forward with the election of the first woman president, we also continue backward with the number of outrageous lies, misogyny, CDS, and downright paranoia that some folks seem to get every time they see or hear Hilary Clinton. 2,526 more words

Hillary Clinton

Friday Reads: What's Going On?

Another day, another killing spree.

We’re living in the United States of Mass Murder. Where have all the anger and violence come from? How has the second amendment turned from the ability of states to raise and arm a militia to a means of arming insurgents and malcontents? 1,791 more words

Afternoon Reads

Sunday Reads: Raspberries for You and a Strawberry Moon Too

Good Afternoon

See the expression on this Virgin Mary’s face? This is exactly how I feel.  It has been 3 weeks since my brother’s death. We are still waiting to hear if my parents are able to buy this little house, if the VA loan has gotten final approval from the underwriters. 1,349 more words

U.S. Politics

Blue Blue Monday Reads and Yes! Let's politicize homophobia and gun fetishists!

Good Afternoon!

Once again we see the results of toxic religious zealotry and resentment whipped up to the point that some nutter feels compelled to kill in the case of the Orlando massacre.   2,080 more words

Barack Obama