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Monday Reads: Peel the Bern

Good Afternoon!

As you know, I live in a world of data, hypotheses and generally accepted theory.  I don’t go on a tear about anything without collecting my thoughts and enough information to know of what I speak. 2,684 more words

Hillary Clinton

Monday Reads

Well, it’s another Monday of  National Crass Consumerism Season and woe to us that have to do any normal errands in stores.  For that matter, woe to us that get mail, email, commercial TV stations, radio, and internet because it’s hard to avoid the onslaught of  the season of greed and guilt-laden obligation. 4,341 more words

Barack Obama

Monday Reads: Blood Sport Edition

Election Season continues to close in on us with a number of national policies under consideration and under fire.

It’s time to focus on issues. 2,692 more words

Morning Reads

Friday Reads

It’s a great autumn weekend down here in New Orleans!  I hope your day and weather are splendid too!

There’s a lot of news up today but the first thing I want to cover is the clarification made by the Vatican on the Kentucky Bigot Brigrade and the supposed papal visit.   2,503 more words

Morning Reads

Late Sunday Reads

Good Afternoon!

Sorry this is so late.  JJ’s mother-in-law passed so she will be taking the week off.  It’s my turn today to fill those big shoes!   4,095 more words

2016 Elections

Friday Reads: Here We Go Again ...

A movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana became the latest mass shooting site last night.  The shooter was a 58 year old man whose identity is known but has not been released. 1,519 more words

Morning Reads