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Wall Street is in a panic! Ed Driscoll :

And thus, the birth of the man Glenn likes to call “President Goldman Sachs.”

As Kevin noted, Wall Street abandoned the American heartland in 2008, so it shouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that someone showing up with an anti-Wall Street message resonates with voters there.

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flyover country

flyover country

(1990’s | journalese (film) | “the heartland,” “middle America,” “America’s breadbasket”)

While this term ought to be restricted to areas between the east and west coasts of the United States, it can be used for any region that feels marginalized in national politics or popular entertainment. 562 more words


LISA MASCARO: Is Conservative Heartland Ready For Rubio

Los Angeles Times — As Marco Rubio sliced through a pork roast at an Iowa fairgrounds, not even a softball question about his family’s beloved Cuba could get the Republican presidential hopeful to veer from friendly chit-chat to engage in a more substantive political conversation. 49 more words