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LISA MASCARO: Is Conservative Heartland Ready For Rubio

Los Angeles Times — As Marco Rubio sliced through a pork roast at an Iowa fairgrounds, not even a softball question about his family’s beloved Cuba could get the Republican presidential hopeful to veer from friendly chit-chat to engage in a more substantive political conversation. 49 more words


Townsfolk In Prairie Community of Plains, Kansas Rally Support For Long Needed Community Grocery Store

New York Times: Here in southwest Kansas, where small communities have struggled since the Dust Bowl to retain businesses and residents, a town’s viability is measured by what has not yet closed. 117 more words


Breaking heartland in August: Osage County

A Writer’s review.

SIX decades ago, great American playwrights like Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams only ever alluded to addiction, sexual diversity, mental health and suicide, or portrayed them in the hands of villains who always ‘got it’ at the end. 592 more words

Meryl Streep