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High time to retire the Stars and Bars

Nine years ago, my daughter Alice neglected to bring a bathing suit on a beach vacation and was accordingly dispatched to the local Oak Island, North Carolina sand and surf shop to purchase same. 681 more words

Bill Hardy

No Irish, No Catholics

While we’re on the subject of racism, sectarianism, and discrimination, here’s another tale of Anti-Irish (and Anti-Catholic) riots…not in Belfast but from right here in the United States. 878 more words

Irish History

How to Explain Terrorism Without Terrifying Your Students

One of the most difficult things a teacher may have to do is explain an act of terrorism, while simultaneously trying to reassure their students. Rather than wait for the next horrible event, prepare your students ahead of time.*  Terrorism loses much of its political power when it ceases to terrify. 232 more words


"Commemorations Of The Lost Cause": A More Perfect Union Comes From Accounting For The Past

The Confederate markers continue to tumble — flags, statues, monuments. After Dylann Roof associated his alleged atrocity with the Confederacy, politicians fell over themselves getting away from its symbols. 663 more words


My History With History

In honor of a holiday that is half about history, half about making poor decisions with fireworks, I’m going to focus on of my favorite topics: history. 1,198 more words


Men's Fashion After the Fall of New France (1760s-1780s)

Fashion Flashback: Given that fashion was instrumental in the creation of Canada, this blog series explores the development of what Canadians wore one era at a time. 1,360 more words

Canadian History