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March 28, 1915 Thrasher Incident

102 years ago, the Great War was in its 8th month.  The war of mobility of the early months was long gone, replaced by the lines of trench works which would characterize the rest of the war. 387 more words


Out of the Old Rock

Written by J. Frank Dobie

J. Frank Dobie has been called “The Storyteller of the Southwest”.  He was born late in the 1800’s and lived into the second half the 20th century.  445 more words


On to Thomas Jefferson!

On to Thomas Jefferson!

I visited Washington DC as a young man, and the Jefferson Memorial was overwhelmingly the favorite spot that my Dad took me on our trip.  478 more words


The Truth, with Dignity and Grace

​How do we face the harsh realities that the historical figures we grew up studying and admiring were probably not the best personifications of the idea that all men are created equal? 226 more words


Kentucky Ancestors of the Dark and Bloody Ground

There are a lot of ways that Native Americans could have entered a European American family tree. One way is through one of the many Indian wars on what was called “the dark and bloody ground” of Kentucky. 187 more words

American History

MLA Approves Henry James

The Modern Language Association has worked since 1883 to “strengthen the study and teaching of languages and literatures.” That effort is continued in the Committee on Scholarly Editions… 375 more words

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