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May 4, 1863

On this day in the Civil War, Federal forces under General John Sedgwick clash with Confederate forces at the Battle of Salem Church. Sedgwick’s troops retreated from the battlefield during the night of May 4th.

The Civil War

"More than Just a Shrine-Ellis Island" -Mary Gordon

The intention of Gordon’s, “More than Just a Shrine–Ellis Island,” is to shed a light on the hardships and awful conditions that the immigrants coming through Ellis Island went through and to also validate those immigrants and tell them that they (the immigrants) are what make America great. 300 more words

Suspicious Minds: study throws new light on conspiracism in history

Why do so many people appear to believe that ‘secret’ forces are at work in the world, or that there is no such thing as ‘accident’ in history? 946 more words

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Woven into the texture of the nation...

The following is from John Esten Cook’s Virginia, A History of the People.

First, note the obvious second sentence, which says that the New England colonists and the Virginia colonists were descended from the same English stock. 480 more words


The Sports Archives – A Star-Spangled Tradition

Few musical compositions capture the spirit and pride of the United States of America as neatly as the country’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Performed and listened to by millions of people in countless occasions and circumstances, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is both a resonant symbol of U.S. 688 more words

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Did Slavery Really Cause the American Civil War?

More than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, historians still debate what really caused the bloodiest conflict in the nation’s history. There are a good many people, especially Southerners, who will argue that the Civil War was less about slavery and more about states’ rights. 980 more words