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The Young Recruit

I have decided to start writing a short story called ‘The Young Recruit’. It is about a young man, Thomas, who finds himself newly recruited in the Union Army during the American Civil War. 565 more words

Fort Christmas: An Adventure into Florida's Past

Like many of those who live in Central Florida, I am not a native Floridian. As such, my education was lacking in Florida history (quite frankly, if it didn’t directly involve Virginia and/or Massachusetts, we probably didn’t learn much on it – lots on the American Revolution and the Civil War, but little else.) Honestly, I didn’t think Florida… 780 more words


US History HW and Study Guide

There will be a multiple choice Quest on Friday, 4 December. Students should use the Unit 5 Quest Study Guide  to prepare. Students need not complete the study guide. 25 more words

American History

Generals' Anonymous: "Why we Lost" by Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger

I read a large amount of material for which I have neither the time nor the inclination to write full-length reviews. However, that does not preclude me from sketching brief thoughts on a topic, such as an abstract, synopsis, memorable quote, etc. 813 more words


Supporting women's work with money is a feminist issue

This blog has mocked the notion of “Excellence without Money” as the guiding meme of universities these days, because excellence has a price, and a price that can’t be paid without actual money.   500 more words

American History

Tale of a Southern Unionist Recalcitrant

I couldn’t let St. Andrews Day pass today without honoring a distant Scottish-American forebear of mine: Robert Malone Guttery, my great(4) grandfather.

Guttery was a largely self-educated… 251 more words

Jim Langcuster

The interbellum years II: the crisis.

Hoover came into power 1929. A critical year. He believed that technology and expertise would lead USA to a permanent state of prosperity. Industrial production had increased by 30% during the last ten years, but the characteristic prosperity of the 20s was an illusion and ended in financial disaster. 599 more words