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The Tulsa Race Massacre

On June 19, 2020, Donald Trump was meant to restart his campaign trail for his next run for President, which had been put on hold, due to concerns of Coronavirus, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but with the protesting and rioting that stemmed from the killing of George Floyd occurring, he was met with judgment as to why he was starting his campaign in Tulsa. 11,729 more words

August 12 – National Vinyl Record Day

About the Holiday

Gary Freiberg chose the day in 1877 that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph to encourage people to enjoy music on vinyl records. Whether you grew up listening to records or are a recent convert to this art form that has had lasting appeal even in this technological age, today’s holiday gives music lovers an excuse to enjoy their favorite artists – and, of course, the subject of today’s book should be among them!  1,162 more words

Picture Book Review

AMERICAN HISTORY | An Overview of The Journal of American History

The Journal of American History is a quarterly journal that was originally established in 1914 as the Mississippi Valley Historical Review. Under the guidance of its first editor, Clarence Walworth Alvord, founder of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association which headed the journal, the first volumes dealt mainly with the history of the political and territorial disputes of American frontier states, particularly those in or near the Mississippi Valley. 597 more words

American History

black lives matter. again.


It goes in cycles but seems never ending. Every generation of African Americans has that moment where the anger boils over like fire because the racism and hatred just becomes unbearable. 27 more words



Today (August 9) is a historical anniversary that, while I’m sure won’t go un-noticed, may well go unappreciated. Forty-six years ago today, on August 9, 1974, Richard M. 315 more words

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