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The beauty of early 19th century architecture

Detail of the cornice of gatehouse designed by Charles Bulfinch, third Architect of the Capitol, in approximately 1827, for the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. This gatehouse and another one by Bulfinch were moved to Constitution Ave, closer to the White House, in the late 19th century. 25 more words

Architectural History

Ned Buntline: the murder charge

A byline for Buntline came after a Navy hitch

First in Cincinnati, then to Nashville he did switch

With a sensational rag

Ned Buntline’s Own… 96 more words

Speaking Engagements

I had a great talk at the Newburgh Library last Wednesday. I have two more coming up. On Sunday, October 23, I will be talking at the Orangeburg Library – in Rockland County, New York. 49 more words

Manhattan’s Struggle for Human Freedom Against the Slave Power of Virginia

This article was originally published in the May 8, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence magazine · by Robert Ingraham

There are myths and counter-myths surrounding the early history of the United States of America. 18,974 more words


Lewis, "City of Refuge"

In December, Princeton University Press will release City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning by Michael J. Lewis (Williams College). The publisher’s description follows: 240 more words

Scholarship Roundup

October 21, 1861

On this day in the Civil War, Union troops are defeated by Confederates at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff.

Federal Colonel Edward Baker, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, is killed.

The Civil War

Historical Thinking is Design Thinking

I have been working on our westward expansion unit for APUSH. This is the era wherein we get to talk about cowboys and the open (and soon-to-be-closed) range, Promontory Point (in my home state!), the Chinese Exclusion Act (a surprise to many a history student), the Mormons (again, my home state!), the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the devastation wrought by (or the progress brought by, depending on your perspective) the Dawes Act. 688 more words