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December 3 - Chester Greenwood Day

About the Holiday

On March 13, 1877 Chester Greenwood—a 19-year-old inventor—received a patent for “improvements in ear-mufflers” and forever sealed his place in history—as well as making winter more comfortable for millions of freezing ears! 625 more words

Picture Book Review

December 3, 1862

On this day in the Civil War, Federal troops commanded by General Alvin Hovey seize Grenada, Mississippi.

General Alvin Hovey

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)

The Civil War

Slavery and Poverty in the Early American Republic

The early American republic had to contend with several issues on both domestic and foreign fronts. However, the effects of a highly impoverished working class and the dependence on slavery greatly affected the economy of the republic as a whole. 867 more words


Hamilton and Russia: What Broadway ‘Rap-ists’ Will Never Understand

by Renée Sigerson

Even in daily conversation, people will commonly compare earthquakes with political revolutions. Earthquakes can be massively destructive, mainly because humanity still has a primitive understanding of why they occur. 6,374 more words


Islam in Contemporary America

Now, let us discuss the issue of Islam in contemporary America. The story however, begins in ancient Arabia.

“The origins of Islam as a politico-religious movement are to be found in the life and times of Islam’s “prophet” Muhammad and his successors. 3,782 more words


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”