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31 Days of Horror - American Horror Story, Hotel: S05 E02: Chutes and Ladders

Holy Blood Suckers! Last week’s season 5 premier of American Horror Story opened with an introduction to the tenants of the Hotel Cortez. The hotel, which is better known as hotel hell to the unfortunate souls who’ve checked in, has a new owner, but not everyone one is happy about the new boss. 996 more words


Top 5 Halloween/Horror TV Picks

As the month goes on, I’m trying my best to crank out even better Halloween-esque content! Starting with my new video where I share my top picks for Halloween/horror themed TV shows. 21 more words

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TV Hotspot Shorts-Let Me Gush About AHS Hotel Real Quick...

Hey TV addicts,

Have you watched AHS Hotel? If you haven’t, oh my God why? It’s an hour of your life well spent. Hop to it! 491 more words

American Horror Story

Trailer Time - American Horror Story: Hotel

Our first tease of American Horror Story: Hotel just dropped and we’ve got it for you. Take a look and let us know if you’ll be watching. 13 more words

American Horror Story

5 Fandom Friday: Crossover That Would Make My Heart Explode (Out of Nervousness)

I’ll be honest, crossovers make me super nervous. While it can be really cool to imagine and create crossover stories in fanfiction, I get really nervous about making crossovers canonical. 959 more words


American Horror Story: Sneak Peek

Incase you haven’t seen it, here’s a sneak peek at Lady Gaga’s role on American Horror Story.

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