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Michigan Driver Killed While Whacking Off to Porno Videos on Cellphone

On the long, slothful crawl from democracy to Idiocracy we Americans are never deprived of examples of just how far that this once country has fallen. 343 more words

Florida Crackhead Busted by Cops After Trading Purloined Puppy for Drugs

In another case of a very stupid criminal being his own worst enemy a Florida dognapper was arrested after peddling a stolen puppy for drugs. The perp, a 38 year old white trash crack monkey walked out of a pet store with a $1,600 Yorkie that he proceeded to swap for a rock. 341 more words

Black Lives Matter Narcissists Hijack Denver MLK Day Event

In a sign of disrespect for their elders that is probably being repeated nationwide, a pack of young Black Lives Matter activists have hijacked a Denver rally to promote their own agenda instead of honoring the slain civil rights leader. 336 more words

GA Woman Arrested After Stripping Naked,Running Amok at Waffle House

One has to wonder what in the H-E-double hockey sticks is going on at the Waffle House these days? The same week that the company suffered the public relations hit when video of two employees  332 more words

White Trash Shoplifter Bites Walmart Worker’s Finger Off

Each dawning day in America circa 2016 offers yet another glimpse at the abandonment of morality as well as the decline of western civilization. Take for instance the charming young woman who… 367 more words

American Idiots

Dumb Florida Burglar Enters the Food Chain While Attempting to Elude Cops

In a bit of lighthearted news for a change, an aspiring young Florida burglar met with justice while hiding from police – courtesy of a very large and hungry alligator. 337 more words

Mandatory Voting: Like There Aren’t Enough Idiots Voting Already?

Emperor Barack Obama has never ceased to plumb the depths for new ideas to undermine and destroy this ounce great country from within during his seemingly endless reign of error. 670 more words