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Star Wars: The ..Eternal Republic of American Assholes.

        Gotta admit, even if i’m 37 years old, i still play online games. Unlike other gamers, i really don’t give a damn if the game is Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American or whatever. 1,045 more words

To Write or Not to Write

From my position of white-woman, christian privilege,  I can walk over refugees in the airport, knowing my citizenship won’t be questioned.  From my location in a town where the Muslim population is less than 1%, it’s easy to overlook their presence.   205 more words


The only thing every Republican voter needs to know about Donald Trump

You’re fucked.

You’re just absolutely, totally fucked.

You have been conned by a New York City conman, a shyster, a good friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton. 291 more words