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Bong Pounding NFL Draft Dumbass Now the Victim

Former Ole Miss offensive tackle and projected top five NFL draft pick Laremy Tunsil is the latest poor role model in professional sports to wrap himself in the cloak of victimhood. 571 more words

Moron Doctor Fired After Video of Drunken Attack on Uber Driver Goes Viral

A narcissistic Miami doctor has lost her job after a video of her engaged in a profanity laced tirade where she attacked an Uber driver went viral on social media. 358 more words

Of Fruit Trees on Sidewalks

A friend posted a meme the other day of an orange tree and how trees on sidewalks should be replaced with fruit trees. The idea is that in summer and fall, the fruit would ripen, and homeless and unemployed people would have a way to eat. 329 more words


Couple Arrested After Waterboarding Retarded Boy Who Stuck Finger up Family Dog’s Ass

In another perverse tale of depravity and dumbness in America, a pair of weirdos from the Lone Star State have been arrested after the assault of a 13 year old developmentally disabled boy. 616 more words

True Crime

Waffle House Waitress Arrested for Spiking Her Co-Worker’s Drink With Meth

In yet another strange tale revolving around a Georgia Waffle House, a woman has been arrested for the poisoning of a former co-worker – she… 520 more words

True Crime

Michigan Driver Killed While Whacking Off to Porno Videos on Cellphone

On the long, slothful crawl from democracy to Idiocracy we Americans are never deprived of examples of just how far that this once country has fallen. 343 more words

Florida Crackhead Busted by Cops After Trading Purloined Puppy for Drugs

In another case of a very stupid criminal being his own worst enemy a Florida dognapper was arrested after peddling a stolen puppy for drugs. The perp, a 38 year old white trash crack monkey walked out of a pet store with a $1,600 Yorkie that he proceeded to swap for a rock. 341 more words