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A Country Run By Idiots

August 5, 2015

We truly live in a country run by idiots. The contradictions between common sense and government actions are just too many to have happened by accident or chance. 262 more words

Sweet Stuff Happening in Dallas Tonight 7/11

There are some nights when I wish I could be in multiple places at once; tonight is such a night. Here’s a quick rundown of things happening tonight that I totally approve of and think you should check out. 232 more words


Out of the mouths of babes, thou hast perfected praise.

Here’s some more YouTube comments, most on the treason of 911 & placed on the “No Windows in Flight 175” video, others on various pro-gun constitutional (sic) sites in the American heartland. 19,421 more words


American Idiots

While few stories of American stupidity will ever top the legendary story of the woman who burned herself with McDonald’s hot coffee, there is no shortage of challengers eager to make a run at the Gold Standard of Stupidity. 672 more words

J.W. Nicklaus