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The only thing every Republican voter needs to know about Donald Trump

You’re fucked.

You’re just absolutely, totally fucked.

You have been conned by a New York City conman, a shyster, a good friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton. 291 more words

San Antonio Mattress Store’s Tasteless 9/11 Ad Goes Badly Awry

A horribly failed marketing effort is an indicator of just how deep that moral rot has penetrated the American character during the existential Hell of the Obama years. 461 more words

Weird News

Foul-Mouthed, Obese, Racist Hosebag is a Perfect Example of Why Black Lives Matter is it’s Own Worst Enemy

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be it’s own worst enemy in terms of plummeting public approval it is certainly easy to see why this is. 1,145 more words

Morons Burn Their Feet by Walking on Hot Coals at Behest of Con Artist

Granted it’s not Scientology but a cult is a still a cult and that’s what the lucrative business of the selling the power of positive thinking is.  1,261 more words

Dumbed Down America

Holy Aunt Jemima! Two Sisters Arrested Following Dining Area Battle Royale at Memphis IHOP

When it comes to weird news stories involving great American eateries, Waffle House is catching a break this week. Two sisters were arrested following a knock-down, drag-out brawl in the dining area of a Memphis area International House of Pancakes (IHOP) location. 313 more words

True Crime

Utah Dirt Bags Charged After Their One-Year-Old Daughter Died of Heroin Overdose

The moron mother whose lack of parental supervision resulted in the murder of Harambe the gorilla last month has some serious completion in the worst parent of the year category. 377 more words

Douchebags Desecrate California Vietnam War Memorial

The deterioration of American culture and society is picking up steam as Obama year eight draws to a close. There is anarchy in the streets, perverts prowling women’s restrooms and now some scumbag (s) have vandalized a Vietnam war memorial. 360 more words