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American Indian Movement Of Murderers, Rapists, And Paedophiles Spawned By The United States Government

INTRO: This information is for the deceived, beguiled, brainwashed, and “spiritually spiked/drugged” (from drinking red made of the blood of innocents AIM kool-aid) followers of the American Indian Movement. 15,872 more words

Honoring Chief Bald Eagle

by K. L. Parry

I started my morning listening to a song. One Tin Soldier, by The Original Castle had been one of my favorite songs during the early 70’s at a time when I had just begun to come into some understanding of the world around me, and idealistically, my place in that world. 590 more words


Historic District Along East Franklin Floated to Remember Important Native American Landmarks and Activism

Researchers hired by the City of Minneapolis have identified a potential “Historic District” on and around East Franklin Avenue that encompasses buildings significant to the city’s Native American communities. 783 more words


US political Prisoners: What Washington Doesn't Want You to Know

The United States holds over 25% of the world’s incarcerated, despite comprising just 5% of the planet’s population. The US doesn’t acknowledge having political prisoners, but political activists from the 1960s and 70s continue to languish in America’s prisons. 637 more words


Dennis Bank$ in a video said “for some of us the drum never stopped” and I suppose that’s true in a number of ways for a variety of people, but Bank$ predictably makes no mention of those for whom the drum has stopped. 211 more words

New Report: Native Americans in Minneapolis, Part II -- Public Comment Sought

From May 17-21, 1971, about 70 members of American Indian Movement (AIM) occupied the abandoned U.S. Naval Air Station in Minneapolis. AIM wanted to claim the surplus government property under the terms of the 1805 Treaty and use it for a school for American Indian children. 864 more words


Dennis Banks (Clyde Bellecourt) Need A .32 Bullet In Their Heads For Co-Ordering Annie Mae Aquash's Murder!

Yep…you read right! Banks knew full well what happened to Annie Mae Aquash at the hands of those “ordered” to murder her! Add to his name…Clyde Bellecourt and Dick Marshall. 1,271 more words