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Societal insanity v. a safer world

Part 1. 2015

In 1997 I moved from western Massachusetts to Maine. Several people asked me, “Are you going to get a gun?” I laughed. I thought this was an odd question. 411 more words


Arming Teachers: Trump Proposes Making an Insane Situation Even More So

One week after the most recent American school slaughter, which left 17 dead, Donald Trump took time off from writing appalling and infantile tweets to gather together teachers, family members and survivors of the recent horror at the White House. 880 more words

American Insanity

A Horrifying Continuum:Trump Encourages Police Brutality.

Another day, another deranged declaration from our diseased Commander in Chief and with it yet another effort to divide America between those who adore Trump and those who are disgusted and alarmed by him. 861 more words

American Insanity

Three Cheers for the Mooch: Trump Selects the Perfect Man

Contrary to the millions of Americans who are horrified, appalled and disgusted at his language, demeanor and intentions, I, for one, believe President Trump choose brilliantly and yes, honestly, in selecting Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci, as brand new White House Communications Director. 135 more words

American Insanity

Incapable of Governing Trump Seeks to Set America At War with Itself

If anyone were thick enough to still believe that some inner buried spark of decency would stop President Donald J Trump from setting the American people against themselves for the sole sake of gratifying his diseased and oceanic ego, his words and actions over the past three days should provide ample clarity. 520 more words

American Insanity

Paul Ryan Comes To Harlem

In a sense, the visit of such a person to such an institution made perfect sense, that much the more in the Age of Trump. After all, here you had Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, one of the leading proponents of the ceaseless war on the remnants of the social contract, fresh off his successful orchestration of a billionaire tax cut masquerading as a health care bill intended to strip millions of healthcare, visiting Harlem Success Academy, the flagship school of Eva Moskowitz, one the most successful practitioners of the publically funded privately managed scams called charter schools. 659 more words

American Insanity