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A letter from an American Jew addressed to his local Synagogue has smashed blind pro-Israel apologism to pieces

Almost three-quarters of British Jews believe that the two state solution is the only way to achieve peace

In the wake of the Gaza massacre this Monday that left 80 dead, and in little less than two days we read an article in one of the most highly regarded national paper from Maya Ilany, the deputy director of… 520 more words


I'll never be a Jew to make Chabad and Chassids happy – But I will always be a strong Zionist

There is a balance in what is true and what is not true.

In 1915 the Turks sure as there is a God did a million person genocide of the Christian Armenians, and to this day the Turks claim it was battlefield casualties in World War I. 281 more words

Democrats promise and never ever fulfill their promises because their base are the lunatic fringe of American politics

Kamala Harris blasts her Democrats for caving.  She’s the new CA Senator and prospective Presidential candidate in 2020. She’s smarter, a better politician and much more radical than Elizabeth Warren. 275 more words

As I have said for a lifetime - The world will NEVER really accept Israel

Accept that Jerusalem is capital of Israel.

The world will so act up because while the world accepted Obama in every respect…

…it accepts Trump in no respects. 234 more words


That worldwide forever denial of international law is permanent only for Jews and Israel and no one else.


In 1947 UN passed Partition Resolution of the Truncated Mandate 2/3 having east of Jordan be made Transjordan as a Hashemite payoff. 255 more words

There was no protest from the Jewish delegates, activists and Congressional Jewish office holders.

An honest look at American Judaism today is not a happy exercise.

Given the political reality of Judaism today and yesterday, it is more Democrat than it is G-d. 369 more words

For survival sake, Jews and Rabbis had better get it in their heads that if things continue as they are

Given today’s terrorist attack, time to understand there are no lone wolves.

It’s real cheap for Al Qaeda (through more offshoots than you can count) to radicalize anyone or reinforce previously acquired radicalism. 418 more words