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An american jew I like: Edward Luttwak.Don't bomb Middle East, it's better to stop radicalization "bombing" Molenbeek.

If all the jews were like Edward Luttwak there wouldn’t probably be any antisemitism, not because you have to agree with him, but because he tells it like he sees it and doesn’t try to fill Europe with immigrants as an “atonement” for the holocaust. 692 more words


Democrat Jews do not cover themselves with honor or glory

The Democrats of the the hard left America haters have turned to joining the Arab Jihadist haters of Israel & the West. It can truly can it be said that the new Obama-Clinton-Democrat-Party is blood enemy of Israel. 381 more words

It is shameful that so many Western leaders are so twisted in their thinking

King Abdullah to his credit knows this is an existential war against radical Islam that must be fought to the death.

It is shameful that so many Western leaders are so twisted in their thinking,  so filled with hate against Judeo-Christian Western Civilization that they want the enemy to win or, if not,  are too ignorant to see the parameters of this struggle. 151 more words

Obviously the Western world has grievously failed.

Netanyahu says world must condemn terror against Israel to same degree.

That will happen when THIS 80 year old politically  conservative Jew (who always argues with Rabbis) 298 more words

It's truly amazing to me how the American Democrat Jew can ignore every fact of reality in the world

They said the Nazis wouldn’t be so bad  – but they were.  

And, Obama also.  And Hillary intends to destroy the last vestiges of the constitution and of course Israel BEWARE! 173 more words