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When a society no longer believes in itself it dies. 

Making the news recently is Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, not to be confused with Stephen Hawking, the physicist who many say a worthy Einstein of our time, both atheists of an intellectual sort. 343 more words

looks like the forces that control speech on college campuses has done the same to the Jewish religious world

Given the Imam in California Davis calling for the death of all Jews couched in the terms of 13th Imam and Revelation, silence is not supposed to be what I hear. 206 more words

Most synagogues simply frown on and prevent honest political discussion

As per religion many thing in Torah cannot be explained, so the scholars over the years have said some things are not within man’s sphere of knowledge and so must be accepted as known to God and we must therefore follow even though we cannot understand the import of them. 357 more words

In too many Chabad and Orthodox shuls politics is not discussed

Dear Rabbis,

All well and good to believe God’s voice in Torah is perpetual for all the ages, and has efficacy always, but the needs you describe indicate an inescapable failure to deal with the non-spiritual world in a manner that successfully achieves enough material capacity to permit the spiritual life which does not come without a cost, for as is often said, Freedom Is Not Free. 228 more words

an orthodox rabbinate that happily talks spiritualism in temple but draws the line on politics.

We all should know there’s something radically wrong with the American Jewish world and its politics.

In today’s Post on page 31 is the Fast Takes Column compiled by Eric Fettmann and included was a blurb headline Columnist: Linda Sarsour’s Strange Defenders, and it quotes Liel Leibovitz at Tablet being astounded by a public letter signed by a number of rabbis and Jewish communal leaders supporting Linda Sarsour… 283 more words

"…small ivy-covered North Koreas."

College campuses in America are Democrat success stories after 2 Obama terms —

Whereas orthodox Jewish theology holds for the particularity of “chosenness” and the universality of concern for the world.This is the flaw is for the Jewish world from hard left to hard right… 86 more words

majority of the American Jewish world (from the atheist to Chabad orthodox) are part of the DEMOCRAT PARTY

Given that much writing has been done saying the Holocaust happened and the world was silent.

Well, Jewish world – look in the mirror. 
In 2009 Iran’s democratic movement rose up expecting something from the U.S. 194 more words