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There are Jews who, when they speak, repeat nearly word for word the Democrat talking points.

Since the Democrat rank and file from the 2012 convention to today has only gotten more Arab BDS minded and anti-Israel.

The Clinton campaign very wisely only mentions Israel when behind closed doors raises money from Jewish Democrat contributors. 339 more words

they are as silent as they were in the Holocaust times.

In the September issue of Commentary there is an essay by Meir Soloveichik in which he discusses J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy, The Hobbit, presenting the effort to restore the Middle Earth kingdom occupied by dwarves and elves and a wizard whose kingdom had been destroyed by a dragon. 286 more words

I Can No Longer be That Jew

In my adult life, I have disregarded claims and argued against those who did claim that the State of Israel was built on land stolen from the Palestinian people. 343 more words

Rants And Revalations

An american jew I like: Edward Luttwak.Don't bomb Middle East, it's better to stop radicalization "bombing" Molenbeek.

If all the jews were like Edward Luttwak there wouldn’t probably be any antisemitism, not because you have to agree with him, but because he tells it like he sees it and doesn’t try to fill Europe with immigrants as an “atonement” for the holocaust. 692 more words


Democrat Jews do not cover themselves with honor or glory

The Democrats of the the hard left America haters have turned to joining the Arab Jihadist haters of Israel & the West. It can truly can it be said that the new Obama-Clinton-Democrat-Party is blood enemy of Israel. 381 more words