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Civil Procedure

So for starters, let’s get some definitions on the table. What is civil procedure? Broadly speaking civil procedure has two components, civil and procedure. Civil in this title describes the workings of our judicial system that have to do with the resolution of disputes between people, or sometimes between people and government, that are not criminal in nature. 9,440 more words

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Brutal Justice

This is an ad  from the Virginia Gazette of 1768:

“Indian Creek, Northumberland County,

Ran away from the subscriber, a Negro man named MANN, about 5 feet 6 inches high; he has a slit in one of his ears, gives very sensible answers, and is about 50 years old. 56 more words

18th Century History

Criminal Law Part Four

Let us begin with the affirmative defences of excuse. In cases of excuse, defendants have done wrong, but they are not held accountable because we think there is some reason that they are not responsible for what they did. 2,068 more words

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Criminal Law Part Three

Let’s begin this section with the discussion of the structure of criminal guilt. That is, how the state establishes criminal liability. The structure of guilt, criminal guilt, includes what is known as the prosecution’s prima facie case, and what are termed affirmative defences. 1,884 more words

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Criminal Law Part Two

With the goals of criminal law that we discussed before the break, retribution and crime control, in mind. Let us turn to how society defines criminal behaviour. 2,200 more words

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Criminal Law Part One

As is well known, the American political system is federal. The states and the federal government are independent but related entities and each has its own legal system. 2,579 more words

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Constitutional Law Part Four

Finally, I’ll end this segment by talking for a few minutes about the role of the United States Constitution in the broader world. You’ll recall, from the beginning of this segment that the U.S. 1,761 more words

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