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The Fourth is not with you

One of the more difficult parts of a personal injury lawyer’s job is explaining to the victim of tragedy that they don’t have a case.  The Fifth Circuit of the US Court of Appeals has to do the same thing. 238 more words

In God's name, why?

Matthew Tirado suffered from severe intellectual disabilities and autism  At the age of 17 years, he was 5’9″ tall but weighed only 84 pounds (38 kgs).  300 more words

Observances: One Hour in a U.S. Courtroom

I was recently offered the opportunity to observe a criminal trial in the US.

From a distance, the courthouse looks like an art museum. It is glass and silver, elegant and spacious. 2,147 more words

But the tree had to fall

Nobody asked the tree what it thought about the matter.

In about 1930 a catalpa tree began to grow in the Washington Park neighbourhood of Denver. 344 more words

No, don't put it on Facebook

I’m not sure what George Orwell would have made of Facebook. I like to think he’d have been amused by the idea that social media would have put the Thought Police out of work. 392 more words

Dr Judge, I presume?

Most personal injury practitioners see a string of radiological records in every case. A recent decision from the US Seventh Circuit is a reminder of the hazards of reading them without adequate training. 255 more words

American Copyright law to get 21st century remix

In my previous post, I wrote about the European Union’s sweeping new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which is currently in draft stages.

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