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No, don't put it on Facebook

I’m not sure what George Orwell would have made of Facebook. I like to think he’d have been amused by the idea that social media would have put the Thought Police out of work. 392 more words

Dr Judge, I presume?

Most personal injury practitioners see a string of radiological records in every case. A recent decision from the US Seventh Circuit is a reminder of the hazards of reading them without adequate training. 255 more words

American Copyright law to get 21st century remix

In my previous post, I wrote about the European Union’s sweeping new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which is currently in draft stages.

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Intellectual Property

The Good Wife

As I watch the Season 2 of The Good Wife huddled inside a blanket I cannot help but love it!

The entire preamble of the show starts off with Alicia Florrick, wife of a disgraced State Attorney Peter Florrick, picking up her life from the shadow of a scandal and starting work at a legal firm Lockhart Gardner. 221 more words


I don’t really realize things until after the fact. People treat others based on evidence. The way they treat others is based upon evidence. I wonder what the evidence going against me is. 136 more words

Capital Punishment Collection

The Capital Punishment collection in Middle Temple Library was officially opened in 2005 and is located at Bay 315 on the third floor of the Library. 159 more words


American Legal Research Resources

The Middle Temple Library specialises in US law and listed below are a selection of resources to help you with US legal research tasks. Included are free open access sources on the web, as well as subscription databases and hardcopy materials you can access when you visit the Library. 537 more words