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August: Ask an Attorney #4

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QUESTION FOUR: Why isn’t marijuana legal everywhere, like in Colorado? 2,133 more words


In A Historical Decision, The DOJ Federally Ends Use Of Private Prisons

A few days ago the Department of Justice (DOJ) made a much needed historical move in which they decided to end the use of Federal Private Prisons. 315 more words


August: Ask an Attorney #1

This September, I will have been at my job for almost a full year! This year has been a rocket ship ride full of challenges/learning experiences, excitement, and many conversations that started with, … 903 more words


Cats Scapegoated in Divorces

I am fascinated by this – in the USA there was en epidemic of divorces in which the reason given was a cat – or several. 46 more words

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Hawaii Becomes First State To Register Gun Owners With FBI Database

In the midst of the daily tragedies stemming from domestic gun violence many people have turned to community leaders and legislators for help. Well, it’s very apparent that some legislators lead by example because David Ige (Governor of Hawaii) wasted no time in which  a historic move was made last Thursday night. 82 more words


US Nuclear Bomb System Still on Floppy Disks

This is from last Friday’s i paper. It should strike fear into all of us. Or perhaps it says much about how solid and reliable they are. 279 more words

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