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News from the Book Multiverse

Hello Friends and Fellow Travelers! As previously noted on several occasions, the Book Multiverse is a vast and mind-boggling place, full of life, full of stars, full of dark matter, nebulae, galaxies, event horizons, and space fish. 407 more words

I was visited by the Ghost of ALA Future last night.

This video of Barbara Striping talking about voting in ALA Elections started playing on my computer in the middle of the night for some reason waking me and my husband up. 210 more words

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Where Would Anne Frank Hide Today?

We complain about a lot of things here in the States, but for the most part we’re still a free country. We voice our opinions, purchase what we want, vote how we choose, and pursue careers of our own design (more or less). 248 more words


DENVER POST: Rethink the library: Next gen becomes resource for tech, entrepreneurs

(Denver, CO) – Denver Post contributor Tamara Chuang provides insight into the evolution of the nation’s libraries with an article that includes the state’s Adams County library system dubbed… 231 more words

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YA Lit Set In Ireland

Click HERE to find some great reads set in Ireland from the American Library Association (ALA)

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Spring's YA Must Read - Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Shelf Awareness (02/13/2015):

Victoria Aveyard’s thrilling debut throws readers into a futuristic fantasy world of clashing countries, segregation and a rebellion that depends on a young thief.In the country of Norta, at the Feats of First Friday, champions with Silver blood compete against one another using their supernatural abilities to entertain audiences of other Silvers and their servants, the Red bloods. 207 more words

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Stuff Happening in Historical Fiction

Checking around the internet for news and insights on the historical fiction front recently and found lots of books to add to my TBR pile. 349 more words

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