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Why Right-Wing Christian Leaders Are Often Indifferent to Needless Suffering

Source: AlterNet

Author: Valerie Tarico

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The American Life League mobilizes devout Catholics against medical options that, to their way of thinking, violate God’s will. 1,401 more words

Birth Control

Support This Brave Archbishop...


San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, well-known for his uncompromising defense of orthodox Catholic teaching and pro-life and pro-family values, urgently needs your help!

Gay activists, politicians and dissident Catholics… 339 more words

Why Some Give Cold Shoulder to Latest FB Fad

Several Catholic and other pro-life groups are encouraging people to cool it on the latest Facebook trend that’s leaving participants across the land– from politicians to grandmothers— with wet heads and cold feet. 656 more words

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Supporting Secular Charities and the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Right now, the Internet is atwitter over the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. I’ve enjoyed the video clips posted by a few friends in which they “take the challenge” (get a bucket of ice water over the head) and then call out three other friends to follow suit. 873 more words


Living In a Media Centered World

The American Life League article, “Sex Education: Why Is It Wrong” is fighting against mandating sex education within the school curriculum. They speak on various controversial topics that surround the subject of sex such as birth control, abortion, sex education and Planned Parenthood. 435 more words

American Life League

5 reasons NOT to buy those Girl Scouts cookies

Girl Scouts USA is beginning its annual cookie sales drive.

Here are 5 reasons NOT to buy those cookies:

1. Girl Scouts promote Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States… 573 more words