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'After great pain, a formal feeling comes'- A poem by Emily Dickinson

Context: A poem written by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) from Amherst, Mass. This poem is about the experience related to bodily pain and it’s presented to the reader in various conflicting images and words. 225 more words


Keetje Kuipers

You Loved a Woman Once

She told you of childhood summers, mayflies trembling
beside the bridge of her nose, hunting frogs. Skinning them
on a brick, the house smelling like their small, fried legs. 186 more words


Charles Bukowski

I remembered my New Orleans days, living on two five-cent candy bars a day for weeks at a time in order to have leisure to write. 64 more words


Mark Strand

To have loved the way it happens in the empty hours of late afternoon; to lean back and conceive of a journey leaving behind no trace of itself; to look out from the house and see a figure leaning forward as if into the wind although there is no wind; to see the hats of those in town, discarded in moments of passion, scattered over the ground although one cannot see the ground. 81 more words


Dean Young

On mornings when I hope you forget my name,
I walk through the high wet weeds
that don’t have names either.
I do not remember the word dew. 30 more words


Cal Bedient

my behindscenes
beetle-on-its-back grief
waves its arms
                    digging a grave in the air.
where did it come from?
a mother’s grimace
breaking the ice of her face? 13 more words


Essay Review: "The Turning Point of My Life" by Mark Twain

What is Man? is the last book that Mark Twain wrote. In my opinion, it’s the best thing he ever composed. It’s a collection of short stories and essays. 301 more words