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Dave Smith

I throw out love
like an anchor and wait where the long house lights
of strangers tickle the river’s back …

Isn’t it right to drag the rivers for the bodies… 45 more words


Love Story

We are surrounded by love stories before we even learn to read; fairy tales and Disney princesses condition our expectations of true love. It’s an emotion that influences every tale, evert text and narrative as we try to define this complex emotion. 122 more words


Organizing the Library

Follow up on the previous essay on constructing a library in the home. This one delves into the thought processes for library organization. His personal library would be sorted by conservative politics, Catholicism, and culture. 35 more words


Light in August

Light in August by William Faulkner is my favorite Faulkner novel of the 3 that I own. It’s a much easier read and the characters were somewhat less frustrating for me to understand than… 192 more words

Book Club

So I've Read Atlas Shrugged and I Kinda Like It, I Guess

There are different kinds of ideology in literary works. There’s the obviously evil, straightforward and widely acknowledged one, like in Mein Kampf; there’s the concealed one, but pretty easy to uncover, like in classical fairy tales (for a reference, think Angela Carter); there’s the complicated one, or a certain system of ideologies manipulated by the author himself, like in Pynchon’s early works (think order and chaos). 315 more words

To Be Jewish and To Be American: Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth

Good luck identifying a protagonist in any of Philip Roth’s stories. The good are never fully good, or they don’t stay very good for very long. 482 more words