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James Baldwin, Notes of a Native Son

Baldwin, James. Notes of a Native Son. 1955. Beacon P, 1957.

Summary of Work
Baldwin’s memoirs detail what it means to be black in America, and outside of it, and how black people form their identities, particularly how American black people form their identities in a space that has denied them access to their past. 656 more words

Comprehensive Exams

Poe: The Pit and the Pendulum

Impia tortorum longas hic turba furores Sanguinis innocui non satiata, aluit. Sospite nunc patria, fracto nunc funeris antro, Mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque patent. 6,120 more words

19th Century Literature

Best Book Ever?

What is America’s favorite book? This summer, the good folks at PBS have decided to take on this question and I’m thinking some of their materials might be useful for the 2018-2019 school year. 415 more words

The Turn of the Screw

What is the literary significance of The Turn of the Screw?

I’d love to write more but my resources are reserved for my private pupils so that’s all from me publicly. 91 more words

Falling Out Is So In

I try stay in tune with my world,
constantly checking in, but-
I’ve been wanting to break loose-
like the iceberg that sank the titanic… 182 more words


The Mirage Factory – Gary Krist


A look at the founding of the great city of Los Angeles, told in the third person viewpoint of three of its early legendary figures. 1,748 more words

Good To Read

BOOK REVIEW-- The remains of the day.


I’ve had quite some people just glance through the blog and later ask me about reviews. Here is the link to all book reviews on the blog. 877 more words