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Five Fascinating Facts about Thomas Paine

Five fun facts about Thomas Paine, firebrand of the American War of Independence

1. Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense remains one of the bestselling books in American publishing history. 511 more words



Sherwood Anderson

From his seat on a box in the rough board shed that stuck like a burr on the rear of Cowley & Son’s store in Winesburg, Elmer Cowley, the junior member of the firm, could see through a dirty window into the printshop of the Winesburg Eagle. 3,860 more words


The Ambassadors, Part 7

Henry James

Chapter 16

It wasn’t the first time Strether had sat alone in the great dim church—still less was it the first of his giving himself up, so far as conditions permitted, to its beneficent action on his nerves. 13,910 more words


'Northerners Can Be So Smug' by Alice Childress

Northerners Can Be So Smug by Alice Childress, 1956

The magic trick:

Highlighting the more nuanced picture of mid-century American race politics, South and North… 269 more words


The Ambassadors, Part 6

Henry James

Chapter 13

It was quite by half-past five—after the two men had been together in Madame de Vionnet’s drawing-room not more than a dozen minutes—that Chad, with a look at his watch and then another at their hostess, said genially, gaily: “I’ve an engagement, and I know you won’t complain if I leave him with you. 12,140 more words



Sherwood Anderson

Belle Carpenter had a dark skin, grey eyes, and thick lips. She was tall and strong. When black thoughts visited her she grew angry and wished she were a man and could fight someone with her fists. 3,482 more words