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Charles Wright

The afternoon
Dissolves in my mouth,
The landscape dwindles and whispers like rice through my dry fingers.
Now twilight. Now the bereft bodies
Of those who have never risen from the dead glide down… 25 more words


Here I Am, by Jonathan Safran Foer, 2017

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I keep this blog as a record of what I read. If I don’t blog it’s probably because I haven’t been reading, but occasionally there are novels that really challenge my ability to say something interesting. 624 more words

Book Review

Phillip Roth

Readers recently lost a legend in Phillip Roth. Though he passed away, his ideas live throughout the wonderful stories he wrote. I was introduced to Phillip Roth when  earning my Masters in English Literature. 434 more words

Destroying Their God – Wallace Jeffs


This is the true-life story of Wallace Jeffs, growing up in a FLDS environment in Utah. His father became the Prophet of this sect and then, upon his death, his half-brother Warren, later convicted of paedophilia. 1,297 more words

Suggested Reading

Analysis of John Cheever’s Novels

In a literary period that witnessed the exhaustion of literature, wholesale formal experimentation, a general distrust of language, the death of the novel, and the blurring of the lines separating fiction and play, mainstream art and the avantgarde, John Cheever (May 27, 1912 – June 18, 1982)  consistently and eloquently held to the position that the writing of fiction is an intimate, useful, and indeed necessary way of making sense of human life and affirming its worth. 5,780 more words

Literary Theory

RIP Philip Roth (1933-2018)

Philip Roth has always been such a constant in my literary landscape.

From Charles McGrath’s NY Times obituary:

And yet, almost against his will sometimes, he was drawn again and again to writing about themes of Jewish identity, anti-Semitism and the Jewish experience in America.

256 more words
American Literature

'The Road' - Cormac MacCarthy

‘They went on. Treading the dead world under like rats on a wheel. The nights dead still and deader black.’

Apropos of nothing, when someone next asks you how you possibly have time to read, you might want to know that you can finish this book in 2 hours and 50 minutes. 3,908 more words

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