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Wanderers They Knew Not Where (44).

Had a wanderer, bewildered in the melancholy forest, heard their mirth, and stolen a half-affrighted glance, he might have fancied them the crew of Comus, some already transformed to brutes, some midway between man and beast, and the others rioting in the flow of tipsy jollity that foreran the change. 7 more words

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Realism vs. Naturalism: Divergence of the Feminine

Naturalism took realism’s goal of realistic, factual representations of life and added a twist of the philosophical.  The initial optimism which realism had found in scientific thought and theory gave way to pessimism and social Darwinism.  942 more words

Academic Writing

'Why Don't You Dance?' by Raymond Carver

Why Don’t You Dance? by Raymond Carver, 1978

The magic trick:

Winning the reader with an attention-grabbing opening scene

This is a textbook example of how to wow the reader with an attention-grabbing opening scene. 142 more words

Short Stories

City in the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe

Poem by Edgar Allan Poe. “The City in the Sea” is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. The final version was published in 1845, but an earlier version was published as “ 75 more words


Reading Island of the Blue Dolphins for the First Time

I’ve just read Island of the Blue Dolphins (1960) by Scott O’Dell for the first time. What a delightful, wonderful book. I’m somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have the experience of reading it as a child, but I got to read it with… 767 more words


'Feathers' by Raymond Carver

Feathers by Raymond Carver, 1982

The magic trick:

Using comedy to make Bud and Ollas world feel alien

If the stories here at SSMT have taught me anything, it’s that nearly every single successful writer is a funny writer. 263 more words

Short Stories

Hell On Church Street by Jake Hinkson

Hell on Church Street by Jake Hinkson. 2012. French title: L’enfer de Church Street. (translated by Sophie Aslanides)

I purchased Hell on Church Street at Quais du Polar as I was intrigued by the writer and it’s published by Gallmeister which is starting to be a way to pick American literature with eyes closed and without thinking. 621 more words

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