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Earning My Story - Trayvax

If there is one thing this blog of mine has done, it has given me the ability to share my thoughts and feelings from not only the surface, but from a deeper sense within my helmet. 531 more words


Part 4 - How Did We Get Here -- It Was All About Impatience... And Money..

  Watergate was the scandal of my generation and the phrase by “Deep Throat” to “follow the money” rings as true now as it did then. How could a person with such a flawed character become president.   483 more words


Behind the Brand: Meet VARYFORM designer and owner Masha Titievsky

Behind the brand: VARYFORM

Meet Masha Titievsky

Age: 25

Born: Kiev, Ukraine

Grew up in: Louisville, KY

I met Masha Titievsky this past summer, and was immediately impressed by this young, motivated woman and her easy going style, poise, and wealth of knowledge in the domains of fashion and retail. 289 more words

Meet The Artists: The Oily Bead

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something and thought to yourself…“I wonder who made this?” From time-to-time we may make a conscience effort of doing this, but if we’re being honest, for most of us (myself included) we buy things out of ease, comfort, price-point, without ever really stopping to think about the person or the process behind that product. 1,179 more words

A Message For Security

     An angel of God looks out over life

Through the eyes of a cloudy face.

The foundation has been laid.

Its portal is a latent grave. 184 more words

Oh Say Can You See

It’s been too long since I updated you on Andrew’s work. He discovered that he could actually make more than one or two flags at a time. 55 more words