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Furniture Feature - Lift Recliners


Come home and treat yourself to a motorized recliner from Millspaugh Furniture. Power recliners are easy to operate by anyone with the simple push of a button. 86 more words

Hudson Valley

Yep - We Use Big Kid Sippy Cups

Confession: I’ve traded in almost all of my glassware for Tervis Tumblers with lids. Here’s the thing – as my kids grew older, I longed for the days of sippy cups where, if either they or the cat, knocked the cup over, just a small amount would leak out. 162 more words

The Consumer

Outlets Be Gone

I recently burned through two packs of outlet covers, which haven’t sufficiently outsmarted my toddler. So before purchasing a third, I decided to expand my search a bit. 77 more words

Made In The Usa

Meet The Artist - Farmstead Apothecary

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something and thought to yourself…“I wonder who made this?” From time-to-time we may make a conscience effort of doing this, but if we’re being honest, for most of us (myself included) we buy things out of ease, comfort, price-point, without ever really stopping to think about the person or the process behind that product. 1,068 more words

Excessive Barking

Ok, this is a common complaint that people have:  barking. I’m not talking about that once in a while guarding the house bark, but dogs that bark at everything. 461 more words

Training Tips

His Craft

via Daily Prompt: Craft

Just sharing a photo of Andrew’s work. He had doubts when he first started out, as we all do, about whether or not he could sustain a one-man furniture making business. 38 more words