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Tesla frontman Jeff Keith just sang along to the radio like everybody else


By Steve Newton

Everybody sings along in the car radio. Whether you can carry a tune or not, it’s pretty hard to hold back if a song like “Back in the USSR” or “Brown Sugar” hits the airwaves while you’re cruisin’. 510 more words

American Made

Fiesta Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin

I was introduced to Fiesta tableware as a child in my parents home. In our kitchen cabinet resided a colorful set of dishes which made an appearance on our table at each meal. 233 more words


Remember the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

A few days ago I came across an article on Buzzed, of all places. Normally this is a site filled with silly quizzes about what kind of cookie you are. 635 more words


American Made, conspiracies, errors, DNA

1. i saw American Made, one of the thousands of American films made in my lifetime. America is indeed a special nation; for one thing, i can’t imagine films named: 975 more words

American Made Review

“You know I guess you could say I helped build an army, defend a country and create the biggest drug cartel this world has ever seen. 1,056 more words


The Doozy of a Monthly Update for May 2018

There’s a lot to say about this rather special May, so let’s just crack on with it.

#91 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) 1,536 more words

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