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My Unhealthy Bashing of This Person

Well, I do get tired of it, and I apologise for ever tiring some people out there that all I am doing is airing off this filthy laundry. 176 more words

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Bye, Bye Badman

Bye, bye to your vanity…

Bye, bye to your sweet nothings…

Bye, bye to loneliness…

Bye, bye to whoever gives nothing but thorns to weak hearts.

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Why This Lost One Can't Be Reasoned With

Was actually surprised to have found this in my junk emails three days ago…this sick man writing to me again now that it was found that “girlfriend” didn’t actually work out well at all. 396 more words

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See How "Blessed" This Person Is Now...

I reactivated and reopened my facebook today just to delete some of the pics I used to dedicate to him before. And lo and behold, this sick person wrote this about her “girlfriend”. 244 more words

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The Opener

I’ve been told I’m a storyteller. Capturing people’s attention with some anecdote or often stupid event that happened is my favorite pastime. I’ve also been told I do a lot of dumb things. 67 more words


Salt Creek

I can’t describe the morning at Cathedral Butte as cold. But I watched Salt Creek Canyon come to light still wrapped in my sleeping bag. After all, it was late October, in Utah, a mile and a half above sea level. 5,751 more words