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Zero Emissions: Why are Americans turning their back on an American Car manufacturer?

Often times the US is referred to as losing the race in STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Our National averages of student test scores, numbers of graduates and cutting edge researchers in these fields lag far behind several other countries in the world. 623 more words

Predictions for the Aerospace Industry in 2015

For 2015, the US aerospace spending will continue to grow, according to industry experts. This is just one of the predictions for the New Year. 271 more words

American Manufacturing

Looking Back at 2014 and a Look Ahead to our 55th Year

With our company heading into our 55th year of operation, we like to think that we’re not showing our age one bit. Nothing shows this better than our evolution in 2014. 238 more words

American Manufacturing

American Power and Chrome

American manufacturing used to lead the world in style and innovation. No where was that styling so iconic than in American automobile manufacture.  As the country came of age, it embarrassed the idea of freedom of movement that the car symbolized.   120 more words