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Confusion in a changing Business Landscape

As the world changes, the way people do business is changing as well.  The way some people think something is or should be done is different than other people’s view.  377 more words

Mid-West Screw Products

CRF230M Rack Arrives

I ordered this little rack on eBay, it had been on for a while and the guy took my lowball offer so I thought what the hey! 82 more words

Why Chinese Factories Fare Poorly in the U.S. - The New Yorker

The following article is from The New Yorker. The article is about the increase of Chinese owned factories in the United States and some of the problems that these factories are having. 2,165 more words

Made In Usa

Why Made in USA 2016

I have be doing this Made in America movement since 2011. I thought it was time to re-examine whether in 2016 is “Made in America” reasonable to follow. 1,902 more words

Slave Labor

Supporting American Built Companies and Products

This past fall you likely saw a rise in media coverage of American made products and industry. October was designated as Manufacturing Month, and through the end of November consumers were encouraged to support local businesses as they began holiday shopping on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. 207 more words

American Manufacturing

The Death of Surplus

I thought the surplus electronics market in Dallas was a byproduct of local manufacturing, after all we have some heavy hitters in our back yard: Texas Instruments, Maxim (Dallas Semiconductor), ST Micro (at one time), Diodes Incorporated. 1,579 more words

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3 Key Insights from One of America's Most Important CEOs

I had an interesting conversation today with the CEO of Honeywell, David Cote. As head of a $40 billion tech and manufacturing conglomerate, he has about as good a read on the direction of the global economy as any business leader out there, and what it means for US companies and consumers. 429 more words