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'Alice: Madness Returns': Just as Lewis Carroll envisioned it

While inching through a steampunk-inspired maze, Alice Liddell fights off fork-wielding crockery while the Door Mouse and March Hare try to kill her with teapots projecting scorching liquid at her gothic-styled outfit. 911 more words


Mindfreaked by Criss Angel in Las Vegas’ Luxor pyramid

You cannot go to Las Vegas without seeing a magic show, an illusionist, some high-profile legerdemain –this is the conclusion after having had dinner accompanied by a celebrity magician even I heard of back in Europe without following casting shows like… 1,241 more words

Standing Ovations

Alice: Asylum Rises Within the Chaos

As a number one inmate for the upcoming Alice: Asylum by American McGee, I love obtaining news from the developer first hand. The last time we… 262 more words


Influential Females Character: Alice Liddell

Alice Liddell is the protagonist of American McGee’s Alice, a game that takes place years after Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. While Alice has been away, Wonderland has become corrupted, or maybe Alice has. 341 more words