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Former CNN anchor Kiran Chetry to host Miss Nepal US

Former American Morning CNN anchor Kiran Chetry is going to host Miss Nepal US this year from New York City. As part of the pageant, they are hoping to raise money for the… 50 more words


Miles O'Brien: Pointing lasers at planes is a "complete jackass move"

Following a segment during CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, Rene Marsh reported on four passenger planes being struck by lasers in the New York area. To analyze the situation, Costello brought in former CNN anchor/correspondent and current CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien. 126 more words


Kiran Chetry's plea for Nepali aid

After remaining basically under the radar since her two day anchoring gig on CNN International in August 2014, and appearing on a NutriBullet infomercial, Kiran Chetry resurfaces and makes a heartfelt plea for donations for Nepal, following the devastating Nepali earthquake, with over 4,000 people (and still counting) dead. 152 more words


Miles O'Brien CNN Special

Former CNN anchor and correspondent (and now aviation analyst) Miles O’Brien will be featured in a CNN Special Report, tentatively scheduled to air next Tuesday at 9pm. 35 more words


CNN Airs Featured Segments on Aliens and UFOs

We’re getting there! The truth will out, and there’s some very frank dialogue in this clip. Thanks to American Kabuki for this heads up.

“Most Americans need no convincing”, they said. 38 more words

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