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Wake Up to Your Myths, America!

James Keye

I created this list of “American Myths” 25 years ago thinking that some significant part of the people would begin to understand them over time. 1,665 more words

US Politics

Panglossian Chauvinism undermines normal living in America

Panglossian Chauvinism is how Americans continue to prop up and support disorder and abnormal beliefs as normal. ┬áIt’s also how conservatives unwittingly prevent any among them from developing robust and successful alternatives to the liberal status quo. 264 more words


Real Black History in America

I have a long list of black-related history on my current reading for the year, and even though I’ve not finished the really giant tomes, it’s already becoming clear that the real history of blacks in America doesn’t fit liberal or conservative narratives (even though some of these texts are compiled from primary sources by ultraliberal9000 folks). 336 more words