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Laporan Dari API Berpotensi Bebani Harga Minyak WTI

bobnews – Harga minyak mentah sedikit melemah di sesi Asia pada hari Rabu seiring investor melihat data cadangan minyak dari kelompok industri AS di saat juga masih memfokuskan pada ketegangan di Timur Tengah. 111 more words


Reports: Big Oil, Big Coal have known and lied about global warming for decades

Hundreds of pages of recovered documents suggest that even with detailed knowledge of the link between carbon emissions and climate change, the fossil fuels industry has lied for decades and spent hundreds of millions to deceive and defraud the public. 3,408 more words

Fracking associated with high risk pregnancies and premature babies: study

Expectant mothers living near active hydraulic fracking natural gas wells have been found to be at an increased risk of  premature birth and for having high-risk pregnancies, according to a new study. 422 more words


Data Suplai API Menekan Minyak di Sesi Asia

bobnews – Harga minyak mentah kembali tertekan pada awal sesi Asia hari Rabu setelah suplai minyak mentah AS menunjukkan kenaikan mingguan yang jauh melebihi ekspektasi analis. 148 more words


Minyak WTI Melonjak Hampir 2% Menjelang Laporan Suplai Mingguan Dari API

bobnews –  Harga minyak mentah naik pada hari Selasa, menghapus sebagian besar kerugian dari sesi sebelumnya, menjelang perilisan laporan suplai mingguan dari American Petroleum Institute… 271 more words


Dear Africans with corrupt governments...

First of all, let me be clear: it is American and Western multinational oil, gas and mining corporations who started this problem and who are keeping it going. 594 more words


How Isabel dos Santos and the American Petroleum Institute killed Cecil the Lion (Part II)

This, as your kindergarten teacher would have said, is a “teachable moment.” And I do mean “moment” since it isn’t very often that indignant Westerners collectively turn their full attention to Africa. 2,386 more words