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Maisie de Krassel: Everyone Loves This Small Girl.....

…..she is pretty small, and she’s obviously riffing on this popular tee (that you can buy here) […or maybe not strictly her doing the rewrite – see comment below]: 612 more words

Kristen by Tom (Doc6366 on Flickr)

I’ve teased out this photographer’s first name (Tom) from indications given on Flickr posts by his friends, whose versions of his own originals he’s faved. 627 more words

Adeline (Addy) by Jennifer Lappe: One Girl, One Light, One Feather

Jennifer Lappe is a pretty normal sort of family photographer, ¬†from Tampa, Florida – tho’ her galleries are mainly little girls, with just a few babies, mums-to-be and boys in the mixture. 507 more words

Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond is a twenty-six-year-old New York photographer, originally from Ohio, who has become something of a social media sensation. His presence is split between… 392 more words