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Girls and Cats (via Atomicarcadewhispers on Tumblr.com)

This is an old friend – Thémis Glume – whom I featured in a reblogged post a couple of months ago: here. The photographer is Ryan Mills (see Tumblr link below), a young American from Spokane, who regularly travels to meet up with his Belgian friends, crash in their homes and do stunning b&w portraits of their daughters on film – one of the last Facebook comments I remember… 321 more words

Max Eremine

I first noticed Atlanta-based Max Eremine‘s name while doing a post on Angelina Porcelli, as I was searching for a suitable wide, shallow photograph for the featured image above the title: and not finding one, cheated a little by rotating a Vogue cover of her Max had done while she was lying down –  which made perfect visual sense – here’s the original: 368 more words

Daughter of Tenant Farmer Churning Butter (1939) by Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange‘s original title was “Daughter of Negro Tenant Churning Butter. Randolph County, North Carolina,  July 1939” – and while I don’t believe in pretending history didn’t happen, or anachronistically reinventing the past for that matter, I really would feel bad for “Negro” to be the search term that brought any visitors to this blog. 165 more words

If The Crown Fits.... by Munchkins and Mohawks

These are lace crowns made by If The Crown Fits…, and retail for about $35 each – designed for use as photographic props. They do say that adult supervision is necessary, but I really can’t see a problem if the child (obviously not a newborn or toddler) uses it for dress up later: they don’t say what the material is – but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t just cotton. 84 more words

Emma (10) by Stephanie Sunderland

If you do any image-surfing you’ll have come across at least one of these images: I know I have – and been startled at the variety of contexts they appear in. 371 more words

Saul Leiter ( 1923-2013)

Saul Leiter (December 3, 1923 – November 26, 2013) was an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940s and 1950s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as the New York school of photography. 779 more words


Raya Shay and Lilly Kruk: Porcelain Dolls by Alex Kruk

…apparently Lilly’s mother, photographer Alex Kruk (think of Cher in her “Indian” period), did everything for this shoot: also the styling, hair and make-up. My only quibble is that for dresses as pretty and floaty as these (by Mischka Aoki), bare feet would have been perfect – except the white fishnet stockings are lovely as well…. 332 more words