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10 Very Short American Poems Everyone Should Read

The best short poems by American poets

In the past, we’ve offered a crash course in Victorian poetry by choosing ten incredibly short poems by Victorian writers, as a sort of ‘taste test’ for the style and themes of Victorian verse. 938 more words


Emily Dickinson in Catalan (III)

I keep on posting my translations into Catalan of poems by this extraordinary American author, who spent most of her intense, even agitated life secluded at home. 294 more words


Travel Tips from 1890

Mary Elizabeth McGrath Blake was totally over your packaged vacation to Europe. In, um, 1890. 1,680 more words


Més versions d'Emily Dickinson en català - Emily Dickinson in Catalan (II)

Two more poems by Emily Dickinson translated into Catalan.

I do it because it pleases me, and because my mother tongue adapts particularly well to this poet’s work (and to the English language in general, for its concision and richness in monosyllabic words). 287 more words


poet's corner: "love is twain....." William Carlos Williams (American poet 1883-1963)

Love is twain, it is not single,

Gold and silver mixed to one,

Passion ’tis and pain which mingle

Glist’ring then for aye undone.

Pain it is not; wondering pity… 46 more words

Plum Island and W. S. Merwin's poem Shore Birds

Plum Island is a sliver of a refuge on the north shore of Massachusetts. The parking is limited, the swallows swarm, the precious and hapless piping plovers are protected. 260 more words


Dues versions en català d'Emily Dickinson, poetessa de clausura

Ofereixo un tast molt petit –mínim—, però contrastat, de l’obra originalíssima d’aquesta poetessa nord-americana, nascuda el 1830 a Amherst, Massachusetts, i morta el 1886 al mateix llogaret, d’on comptades vegades arribà a treure el nas. 296 more words