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OPINION: Why Donald Trump is the WORST presidential candidate

He’s awful. There’s really no way around it.

This guy needs to stick with reality TV, real estate, and the entertainment industry; because that’s what he is — an entertainer. 2,182 more words


What Would A President Clinton Do?

American politics is never without its fair share of unexpected twists, yet many political pundits believe that the Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton, has a ‘lock’ on the nomination and, subsequently, the White House. 2,310 more words

GMOs, They're Not Going Away

Can never understand the argument “If GMOs are so wonderful, label them, so the consumer may make an informed choice, correct” Thats the conventional wisdom, however when dealing with GMOs one quickly discovers the… 178 more words

American Politics

Are American politics absurd enough?

No one’s complained yet, but it’s been weighing on my conscience that I make fun of British politics more often and more joyfully than I make fun of American politics. 868 more words

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Here at Balladeer’s Blog I always make it clear that I don’t lump myself in with the groups called Liberals or Conservatives or Libertarians. American Liberals are the most touchy of the bunch and took offense at my latest characterization of them. 137 more words


Out of Africa

Obama’s trip to the East African countries of Ethiopia and Kenya has brought attention to what is otherwise a neglected relationship.

As President Obama pulls out of the Middle East, and begins focusing on other areas for foreign policy, it is becoming more clear that he does not only foresee a pivot to Asia, but also a pivot elsewhere. 226 more words

American Politics

Shadow over Solar

Recently a study done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has concluded solar energy has the best potential for meeting the worlds long-time energy needs, while also reducing greenhouse gases. 326 more words

American Politics