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First off, I’ll point out again that I think the Democrats (DemCorp) and Republicans (RepubCorp) are both gangs of white collar criminals. However, there is no shortage of outlets pointing out the faults of just the Republicans, even though Democrats are just as disgusting. 674 more words


Realpolitik: The Word and the Practice

About John Bew, Realpolitik: A History, New York: Oxford University Press, 2016, 408 p. 

In recent history, the word realpolitik has been used as a catchword, a label, a political practice, a posture, even a category of analysis that did not hold a positive image. 2,047 more words

American Politics

Fareed Zakaria--Democrats may be walking into an immigration trap

June 25, 2018

Fareed Zakaria–Democrats may be walking into an immigration trap

by Dr. Fareed Zakaria


U.S. President Donald Trump moved to end the separation of children from their undocumented immigrant parents signing an executive order that would change the controversial practice resulting from his administration’s enforcement of a “zero tolerance” immigration policy. 867 more words


Shunning and public humiliation are the oldest form of jurisprudence known to mankind, predating codified law.  I trust you all read The Scarlet Letter in high school? 769 more words

American Politics

The Shallow Logic of Christian Leftist Politics

There’s a wave starting to roll through Christianity that is potentially pernicious. To those Christians who are caught up in it, it seems obvious that one should subscribe to it, perhaps even a hateful and ignorant thing if you don’t. 625 more words

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Foreign Policy: Non-Western Eurasia rises

June 24, 2018

Foreign Policy: Non-Western Eurasia rises

by Bunn Nagara@www.thestar.com.my

A significant non-Western event is often ignored or misunderstood by the West: the latest Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit. 1,227 more words


Did Melania Trump Just Steal A Plot From ‘The Bold Type’ To Pull One Over On Us?

“I always wear what I like and what is appropriate for the occasion,” states Melania Trump in a 2016 interview with Elle.

Jump to, the First Lady wearing a military jacket embossed with the words “I really don’t care, do u?” while she boarded a plane to visit a detention center for immigrant children in Texas on Thursday. 1,075 more words