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Islam in Contemporary America

Now, let us discuss the issue of Islam in contemporary America. The story however, begins in ancient Arabia.

“The origins of Islam as a politico-religious movement are to be found in the life and times of Islam’s “prophet” Muhammad and his successors. 3,782 more words

I'll Bet They Rediscover the Homeless Any Day Now

Amazing how things change. Suddenly, after eight years of being told that it was racist treason to criticize the President, we are once again hearing that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Democrats are suddenly rediscovering the wisdom of checks and balances against an imperial presidency, and regretting the nuking of the filibuster in the Senate. 75 more words

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Standing Rock: What you need to know

It’s been brought to my attention by a few people, that more coverage should be placed on the events at Standing Rock. I’ve spent the last couple hours researching, and have put together an info sheet that should help educate and inform. 144 more words

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Standing Up At Standing Rock: Update

Three articles here, also a video so comments are short.

The Corporate Law Enforcers in the guise of Morton County Sheriffs Department seem to be adopting a… 132 more words

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The Mobiest of Dicks

Call me Ishmael.

I, too, once suffered from recurrent wanderlust which kept me traveling around the world after college for several years. There was nothing like taking off for a new place to cure restlessness and malaise. 201 more words

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Demographic shifts creating democratic shifts in America.

  • The American political landscape is changing; population growth and changing ethnic composition are going to create new challenges to an already challenged system.

    With whites having the slowest population growth (0.5 percent from 2013 to 14) compared to Asian and Hispanics, who saw a 3.2 and 2.1 percent growth respectively, it is predicted that within 30 years white Americans will be a minority.

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America; the shining city on the hill with a not so shiny democracy.

  • The 2016 United States (US) General Election was a disaster.

It was a disaster, not only because of who is now the President Elect, but because it’s the fourth time (and the second time in the last 30 years) in US history where the person who won the popular vote did not win the Presidency. 243 more words

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