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Why Is This Man Yelling?

Or perhaps and at his expense, the heat from the media “kitchen” or “jokes” on him (& supporters) may get hotter than this:

American Politics

MSNBC's Chris Matthews In Hot Water for 'Sexist' Remarks about Melania Trump

With Hillary Clinton poised to be the first woman to be a major party nominee for president, some male pundits have been under fire for making remarks perceived as sexist. 449 more words


Multiculturalism In America (Part 2)

By: D. DiFrancesco

I read a blog post recently that stated that the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity were “insanities”, his word not mine,  propagated by “leftist” elites to the detriment of America, I’m paraphrasing of course though my statement accurately represents what was written. 642 more words

American Politics

An open letter to Mitch McConnell ,Trump is the candidate you deserve

Dear Mitch,

By now you’ve heard the news; the presumptive Republican nominee is one of the most hated men in the country. Did you know you two have something in common? 1,400 more words


An Essay from 2008/9 I wrote- Sexist Language Within American Media Towards Hillary Clinton

Sexist Language Within The American Media Coverage Of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Politics has always been synonymous with language through out history, without language politics would not be able to speak. 1,184 more words

Indiana- Where it all ended

Last night, the Midwestern state of Indiana went to polls to cast their vote in both the Democrat and Republican Presidential primaries. There were 80 pledged delegates up for grabs in the Clinton-Sanders fight and 51 in the winner takes all Republican fight. 532 more words


why Donald Trump will never be President

So here’s what I’m thinking.  As I watched Donald Trump’ s only challengers bow out of the US Presidential race, it occurred to me, that in wiping out the competition for the Republican nomination, in essence Trump has already won.  672 more words

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