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Why I Hate Black History Month

I hate Black History Month. As a black man, that statement is sometimes interpreted as a bold one. (It’s not by the by, plenty of blacks don’t like Black History Month.) I’ve seen some ardent lovers of Black History Month call this an act of self-hate. 453 more words


Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner's gargantuan debt matters

February 20, 2018

Note: Sorry guys, for being silent for most of last week as I was outstation. Since I am the master of this blog and do not employ an assistant, my silence is understandable (health wise at 79 this May, I am fine both mentally and physically), and also a relief to some in my country, Malaysia. 1,156 more words



Happy Presidents Day! Balladeer’s Blog’s seasonal posts continue with this look at the presidential election of 1912.

I won’t bury this item in unnecessary detail to the point where it becomes boring. 797 more words


Mass Shootings

I found out in the same way I find out about most major events in the world: I found out on Twitter, live as it was happening. 671 more words


Living in America: Balancing The Rights and Duties of Citizenship

Most Friday evenings I make sure I watch Shields and Brooks on the PBS News Hour.

I know, my life is pathetic.

I love these two guys–A Democrat and a Republican discussing the issues of the day in a respectful, intelligent fashion! 510 more words

CNN is Losing Money, Viewers, and Laying Off Employees, Because Evidently People Don't Like Fake News


Earlier in the week, news outlets reported that CNN, the left-leaning, major multibillion-dollar media corporation, often labeled as “Fake News” by President Donald J. Trump, has been yielding disappointing revenues, and as a result, is taking countermeasures to deal with the money troubles. 598 more words