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6 Religious Leaders Will Pray At Trump's Inauguration


Donald Trump has chosen the largest group of clergy and religious leaders to pray and speak at his inauguration next week.

CHR Comment: Evangelicals, a Catholic, and a Rabbi represent voters for Trump as well as his emphasis on traditional Judeo-Christian values. 16 more words

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'Fire and Fury' and the tipping of scales

Michael Wolff’s book could have dramatic implications for Trump’s Foreign policy and China’s role in the Asia-Pacific

Michael Wolff’s inflammatory expose on the first nine months of the Trump administration, ‘Fire and Fury’ has topped best-seller lists internationally, selling… 821 more words

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What does a government shutdown mean for science?

Many US scientists either work directly for the government or are funded by it, so what does a government shutdown mean for them?  National Geographic… 71 more words

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Saturday Showdown: A League Of Pros And Morons

This is going to be a fun weekend.

The government is shutting down for a time, for how long is anyone’s guess, and it’s the crying game of who is responsible. 515 more words

All Of The Above

Everyone is freaking out over the prospect of a US government shutdown!!

The media has been going ape about this “Trump Shutdown” story all day. Latest news: the latest spending bail to prevent a government shutdown just… 51 more words

Explaining Trump’s First Year in Office

January 20, 2018

Explaining Trump’s First Year in Office

By Jelani Cobb


We have witnessed a great deal of ambition during the past year, most of it untethered from any broader societal concern.

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The Racism of the Left v. Right in America: Like Choosing Between Arsenic or Cyanide?

I ended up on a liberal atheist blog, not because I’m questioning God, but because we share a lot of the same enemies–the 21st Century right-wing in America and the… 2,550 more words