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CNN & Standing Up to Trump

Donald Trump is reportedly seeking $10 million to appear in the next Republican Primary debates, hosted by CNN at the Reagan Library on September 16. 500 more words

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We're getting Donald Trumped.

Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him, you cannot doubt that Donald Trump makes a good news story. TV networks love him because he brings in ratings from his string of offensive, rude, abrupt and blunt nature, actions and comments that he makes – to such an extent that every time he does it, his poll numbers hold up or even increase! 845 more words

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Monsanto Employee Admits An Entire Department Exists To "Discredit" Scientists

More on the Monsanto Monster.

You know that when this whole Monsanto Nightmare collapses Barack Obama, along with the FDA will be held  responsable for condoning and facilitating their fraudulent machination. 19 more words


Gun reform, not gun control

With the increasing crime rates as a result of a gun and with public deaths including Charleston, Newton and more recently involving the two journalists in Virginia – it comes as common sense that something must be done. 296 more words

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Dispelling the Myth of the Liberal Baby Boomers

Most of my political mentors are Baby Boomers, many of them would be considered politically left of center in America. However, the boomer generation is not a liberal generation, and never really was, especially in comparison to the so-called more “conservative” Generation X and of course, the Millennial generation. 394 more words

Baby Boomers