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Rounding the Dark Side of the Moon

More than a million years ago, our moon spun on its axis much faster than it now does. Our spinning moon, slowed due to Earth’s gravitational pull, is one half of a symbiotic relationship. 1,397 more words

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Police Use of Force: Special Prosecutor

By Winston Smith

My job as a prosecutor is to do justice. And justice is served when a guilty man is convicted and an innocent man is not. 747 more words

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The Problem With "The Problem of Evil

You know, I’ve never really cared about the problem of “evil”. It’s never kept me up at night. It’s never really shook my philosophical convictions. It’s just something that sort of permeates all of reality. 1,001 more words

The Entire Trump Agenda Is at a Tipping Point--The Mess in US Senate and House

June 29, 2017

The Entire Trump Agenda Is at a Tipping Point–The Mess in US Senate and House

by Ryan Lizza*


Ryan, Trump and McConnell and the Legislative Mess they created in the House and Senate. 1,218 more words


Time to Rename GOP Health Bill #TrumpDontCare

By Karen

Because he doesn’t, never has. Donald Trump has no clue what’s in the Senate’s “Better Care Reconciliation Act.” Ditto the House’s “American Health Care Act.” He never read either bill because this is how he reads, … 687 more words

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A Recent Autism Experience: I Think Literally

So the internet has blown up about this fake Time mag cover that Trump, AKA Cheeto Devil, has hanging in a few of his golf clubs. 117 more words

Odd Dad On Autism

American History: The Muckrakers

Who were the muckrakers, and what impact did they have on American society?

Muckracker was a term used to describe American journalist who brought issues they found about society to light and created controversy. 418 more words

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