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From RINO to DINO: A Travelogue

Here’s a featured letter in today’s New York Times. It describes a view similar to one I held for a long time, but it also presents a major puzzle that any moderate Republican has to resolve. 613 more words


The problem is not Mr. Trump himself. It’s the disturbing excess of Americans who seem convinced that he would make a terrific President.  That’s the problem. 770 more words

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Fourteen Ways of Looking at the F* Word

A few notes at the start:

1) The topics today are fascism and Donald Trump. Feel free to stop reading now if you were expecting something different. 2,519 more words


Campaign Finance Rules: Making A Polarized System Worse

Many Americans are rightly fed up with the current state of our political system. Polarization abounds and, while breakthroughs can occur, (a multi-year transportation bill, long-term budget and debt ceiling deals), they are more the exception than the rule. 1,481 more words

American Politics

American Politics

I think I’m going to go ahead and make a new category for American Politics because, the presidential race aside, there are a lot of times when I’ve got plenty of things on my mind in that vein. 653 more words