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Kushner "Krisis"

  We all know the New Jersey Turnpike is tacky.  Hey, the Soprano’s even embodies the “what exit” line of SNL from decades back.  (For those who do not live in NJ or have to travel on the Christie-beleaguered NJT (given the Obama-Christie Tunnel Tussle (or was it a hustle?).   24 more words

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A dose of dope and a great big bill

I’m having such a hard time concentrating at work right now. Could be part of an upcoming migraine (hopefully not) but I don’t know how to fix it. 320 more words

Horrible Things

Signs of America healing:

GOP in a TKO

Republican Greg Gianforte wins Montana’s U.S. House special election after being charged with assaulting reporter.

Today, its possible to punch a jerk-off reporter in the face and still be elected to the House. 

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American Politics

The Decline of the States

Now that we have looked briefly at how the Founders got to America and how they settled the colonies and the frontier, we should look more closely at who they were as a people who, once freedom was won, became the People. 4,030 more words

Adorable Video Of Curious Little Girl Who Wants To Know Where Obama Is.

A little girl is full of questions about American politics and she bombarded her mother with them. In an adorable series of Instagram videos that her mother posted online, Taylor asked her mother questions about where Obama went, why he had to leave, and so many others. 336 more words


7 GRATITUDES: deep gratefulness

{Every now and then I join with my friend Leanna to name 7 things I’m grateful for. Join us?}

It is difficult to be settled into everyday gratefulness when, out in the world, there are people dying from gunshot wounds, refugee children and families drowning in the ocean, villages in which there are not enough diapers for babies, and people fighting over who they think Jesus might be in today’s context. 255 more words

America’s past and future collide on a single day in Europe

May 26, 2017

America’s past and future collide on a single day in Europe

 By Ishaan Tharoor

Call it a tale of two Presidents. On the same day that President Trump visits the gleaming new NATO headquarters in Brussels, his predecessor will give a high-profile speech in Berlin. 952 more words