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Interesting Vox piece on Trump - and the dangers of shamelessness

I have made no secret of my distaste for Donald Trump’s candidacy, believing as I do that he represents a serious threat to constitutional government.  I have other objections that I articulated… 125 more words

Yet another edition of the Hillary and Bernie show, tonight in Wisconsin on PBS

It is debate night again for the Democrats, but I don’t think any effort tonight by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can match the dramatics we have seen from the Republicans lately. 19 more words

Why Hillary Clinton Deserves The Black Vote

She humbled herself, giving up White Privilege-to not only win-but succeed once in office by continuing Obama’s policies.

by Theron K. Cal aka The Real Brother… 1,711 more words

American Politics

American Presidential Politics in Disarray: Greedy Capitalists and Evil Commies

The Presidential Election of 2016 has been quite a spectacle. If we can look past the theatrical antics, what you will really see is a country entering a very serious phase in its young lifespan. 1,357 more words


Feminism, Hell and Hillary Clinton

February 11, 2016

Feminism, Hell and Hillary Clinton

by Frank Bruni


She is still the best and most qualified politician to lead the United States… 953 more words


Christie & Fiorina Drop Out of GOP Presidential Race

Two more Republicans have ended their White House runs, whittling down the field as the party’s remaining candidates and Democrat Hillary Clinton look to blunt the momentum of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders down south. 676 more words

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Primaries and Caucuses

The two main parties in the United States are currently holding their primaries and caucuses to determine who should be the Republican and Democrat nominees. After the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, Senator Hillary Clinton leads the Democrat nomination, and billionaire businessman Donald Trump is ahead for the Republicans. 456 more words

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