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WHAT, Me BLOVIATE? #68: "Who Will I Vote For in the Presidential Primary?"


> All my life, I have been to the left of my party: closer to “socialist” than “Democrat”. The newly popular hybrid “Socialist Democrat” fits me well. 377 more words


How the South Won the Civil War | The New Yorker

During Reconstruction, true citizenship finally seemed in reach for black Americans. Then their dreams were dismantled.

Black political power during Reconstruction was short-lived—eclipsed, in significant part, by a campaign of terror.

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(I do have a post in draft form sharing my thoughts on how migration has been beneficial to Britain. I’m unhappy with this post especially the depiction of D. 987 more words


A Game of Tariffs: Winners and Losers of the Trade War

It’s back in the news – a seemingly never ending trade war with China. Last Monday, the issue escalated after China announced increased tariffs on $60 billion of exports from the US and caused a plunge in the stock market. 1,721 more words


The case for pardoning the coup conspirators who targeted Trump, et al.

May 24, 2019 (Steven O’Reilly) – Now that the Mueller Report has returned a definitive finding of no collusion and failed to conclude there was any obstruction, the next phase of this national scandal will move on, as it should, to the “investigation of the investigators.” 776 more words


Allen Ginsberg always reminds me of a tub thumping Old Testament prophet; the kind of guy who rants and rails at the crowd for not sticking to the right path, instead, meandering off into the quicklime of personal sin. 417 more words


President Haiku

Devalued office
These days, you know what I am
Talking about.