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What the Clinton email scandal can teach us about branding

If there’s anything we’ve learned about Hillary Clinton and her emails, it’s that she could possibly take better care in managing them. But besides that, what other lessons can we take from her recent email scandals? 247 more words


God Damn America

They certainly don’t come from the likes of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright – pastor and spiritual advisor for 20 years to the future President of the United States and the standard bearer for all that is wrong with the leadership of the black community in America. 3,904 more words

Texas Rigged? Reports Of Voting Machines Switching Votes To Hillary In Texas

Plenty of ‘Skulduggery’ at present, with the Election still a long ways to go, November 8th.

Can’t say Trump didn’t see this coming and Hillary well she’s just the ‘Stuff of Nightmares’ 42 more words

American Politics

Nasty Women, Let’s Sink Trump

By Karen

First, apologies for being MIA lately. I wore myself to a nub staying up many midnights watching this train wreck of an election unfold. 353 more words

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