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Obama: "Trump Is Ignorant Of World Affairs"

President Obama reportedly stood before reporters in Ise City, Japan, and declared that “the world is worried about Trump,” one of his potential successors saying the he “rattled” other heads of state because he had displayed “either an ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude” about them. 796 more words


Memorial Day

Rethink recently published a post called “7 Sins the Church Doesn’t Acknowledge.” (You can read the entire post here.) One of the seven sins mentioned is Nationalism. 500 more words

Jesus Christ

Across the world today, we live in deeply troubling and concerning times.

In the Middle East, the prevalent threat of ISIS continues to remain, destabilising Syria and Iraq in its quest to form an Islamic caliphate. 1,059 more words

American Politics

Reparations Isn’t a Political Demand | Jacobin

ve gotten a range of reactions to my “open letter” to Ta-Nehisi Coates. Some people find the piece extremely compelling, while others are horrified and accuse me of putting “class over race” or worse, “Marxplaining.” 2,125 more words

Black History

obama at Hiroshima: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

Today, May 27 2016, the supreme leader of the most diseased and genocidal government regime of the 20th and 21st century, revisited a site, and celebrated an action, which forever cemented humanity as a doomed species unworthy of existence. 2,396 more words


The case for Bernie Sanders

Ted Grimsrud—May 27, 2016

Yesterday on Facebook, a friend of mine, Jessica Penner, raised a question to me in a conversation about our current presidential campaign: 1,586 more words