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The ūüė¨ emoji is the best emoji‚ÄĒlong live the grimacing emoji

Emoji are wonderful way for us to communicate all that might otherwise go unsaid: brewing rage, feeling as busy as a bumblebee, a desire for hamburgers, sexual frustration.  524 more words

Joseph W. Kovach, Psy.D.

Title: Educator, Program Director
Company: Calumet College of St. Joseph
Location: Whiting, IN United States 162 more words

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Marcia J. Scherer, Ph.D., MPH, FACRM

Title: Psychologist, Professor, Researcher

Company:  1) University of Rochester Medical Center 2) Institute for Matching Person & Technology

Location:  Rochester, NY United States 256 more words

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Burned out? Do you meet definition? Find out

Whatever happened to the bright-eyed bushy tail employee who bounded out of bed ready for the day and the job ahead? Cup of Joe and ready to go. 432 more words


Sorry APA, but as a Feminist Person of Color, I will not March with you for "Science"

The last time I blogged (about 9 months ago), it was also because of my dissatisfaction with the American Psychological Association. ¬†9 months ago, I was extremely unhappy with the APA’s lack of response to the deaths of Philando¬†Castille and Alton Sterling. ¬† 672 more words

Herbert Barry, III, Ph.D.

Title: Psychologist, Educator
Company: University of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, PA United States

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