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MMM Presentation- The Skin that We Speak

I am sharing my presentation on the book titled “The Skin that We Speak”. I highly recommend educators to read it because it contains crucial information that they may have missed on language. 75 more words

American Psychological Association

Issue Investigation on Multicultural Literature

Multicultural Literature in the Classroom

With ever-growing diversity in the classrooms, the issue of using multicultural literature has become rather vital. In a culturally diverse educational setting, it is important to give children information about the multicultural environment of the country they live in to ensure students acquire a positive reflective view of society today. 1,727 more words

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Psychologists ‘Not Jack Bauer’, says the American Psychological Association: APA’s Decision to Ban Psychologists from the Interrogation Room

by Elie Laskin •

Ask just about any undergraduate student in psychology and it is likely they can list a handful of research studies in which they have participated. 940 more words


Episode 121: My Thoughts On Video Games Causing Real Life Violence


Two weeks ago, I talked about how I got my driver’s license and how my years of experience of being behind a virtual steering wheel could not prepare me for the challenges of real life driving. 925 more words

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Are People With Mental Illness More Likely To Commit Crime? Not Likely, the APA Says

The American Psychological Association (APA) discusses about the disassociation between mental illness and criminal activity. In fact, they say only 1 in 5 crimes are due to the symptoms of mental illness. 43 more words

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Professional Boundaries in Your Backyard: The Ethics of Practice in Embedded Communities

Developing appropriate professional boundaries with clients/patients can be one of the most challenging therapeutic tasks to negotiate, irrespective of one’s level of training or experience. But what about practitioners who are embedded in communities in ways that transcend geographic overlap, in which there may be cultural or other aspects of commonality? 168 more words

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