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The Validity of Eye-witnesses, According to the APA

“…memory is malleable and…’it erodes over time, which further complicates witness testimony.'”

By Matt Johnson, The Systems Scientist

According to the American Psychological Association, eye-witnesses are wrong approximately 33 percent of the time. 156 more words

Matt Johnson

Stress Analysis: Boys vs. Girls

Emily Brazytis ’18

According to stress.org, stress is “the response of the body to any demand for change.” Stress heavily affects everyone and has especially been affecting a sizable number of people here at school. 637 more words


Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on Brad Carson's Decision to Depart DoD

Brad Carson, the Department of Defense’s top official overseeing military and civilian personnel policy and total force readiness, has announced he will depart his post in April. 470 more words

Department Of Defense

Same Sex Adoption

by: Fatima Abarca

Many people, when they think of same sex adoption, sort of think of blasphemy. However, same sex adoption can actually bring happiness to children. 400 more words


Teen Texting: Girls versus Boys - By Victoria Stern on March 1, 2016

A study finds girls are more likely to become compulsive texters and suffer academically

Texting has become the most popular form of communication among people under 30. 187 more words

Point Of Interest

Canadian psychologists fighting ban to participate in national-security police interrogations

Canada’s police forces are increasingly calling on psychologists to help them get into the minds of criminals — seeking advice on how to talk to suspects or deciding whether they are being truthful. 805 more words


A blend of Buddhism and psychology ~ Tori DeAngelis

When Tara Brach, PhD, speaks, a lot of people listen. Even when she doesn’t speak, they listen — or simply join her in silence.

Brach is a popular presenter at spiritual centers across the country, leading about 10 workshops and two or three meditation retreats each year. 1,324 more words

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