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'Tis the season to part ways: Research shows spike in divorce filings following summer and winter holidays

When University of Washington associate sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini went looking for information about the effects of economic recession on marriages, they stumbled on an interesting pattern. 399 more words


Increasing Knowledge and Agency of CNAs: Serious Mental Illness in Long Term Care

The following article was written for ETE by Sara J. English, LMSW MSW of the University of South Carolina.


The majority of persons admitting to Long Term Care (LTC) nursing facilities enter with a diagnosis of mental illness, and the vast majority of these persons receive psychotropic medication to control symptoms and behaviors related to mental illness.  1,893 more words


How Online Learning Gives Every Student a Chance to Succeed

One thing I came to appreciate during my time at Ashford University was the level playing field provided to every student. No one is at a disadvantage within the online classroom. 327 more words


Early Sexualization Fears: How Young Girls And Their Parents Can Protect Innocence

Young girls are being inundated by sexualizing messages reinforced through television, movies, and the omnipresent force of social media platforms. Protecting children, especially girls who are overtly sexualized from childhood, can be difficult when teens and preteens are naturally drawn toward the… 342 more words


The Academic Lag and the Power of Social Media as a Tool of Social Justice

This new civil rights movement would not have been possible without social media.  I have no doubts about that.  The difference between this civil rights movement and the one that happened in the 60’s is that people all around the country, and the world, can now talk to one another about their struggles.   1,194 more words

White Privilege

The Deafening Silence of the American Psychological Association

Silence is all I hear, and it is beginning to become more than I can bear.

Real social justice is about speaking up because you feel it in your bones. 1,383 more words

White Privilege

Risking women's health with flawed abortion mental health research

Dr. Theresa Burke on Cradle My Heart Radio week of July 10 and July 17

Abortion is the intentional taking of an innocent human life. Therefore it is morally wrong. 872 more words

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