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Last Minute Report on Likely Voters

Tomorrow is the big day. The presidential election of 2012 has come in like a lion with vicious attacks from both camps. If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of the negative campaign ads, the constant phone calls and the rhetoric. 279 more words


Generation Gap: The “Normal” only appears to be “New” to older Americans

As seen on the BIG Consumer Blog

You’ve heard the phrase “new normal” on the news, during conversation, in reference to the economy, etc…but what does it mean for most Americans? 279 more words


Random Acts of Violence: Not-So-Random Concerns

Many Americans across the nation have been shaken up by recent violent attacks in Colorado at a movie theater, in Wisconsin at a Sikh temple and now New York, just outside the Empire State Building. 282 more words

American Pulse

"Don’t Tread On Me": Employees have strong feelings about employers gaining access to their social media profiles.

Recent news reports that some companies are asking their current employees or prospective new hires to grant them access to their private social media profiles haven’t set well with many people. 282 more words

Pain at the Pump: Who (or What) is Controlling Pump Prices?

In an election year, gas prices are more than just a concern for consumers. They become a hot topic in debates and fodder for those political ads we all love so much. 549 more words

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Mommy Blog: Summertime Fun

Its summertime…sweet summertime!  (Some Kenney Chesney lyrics are playing in my head)  After such a long winter/not really winter…given we saw snow I think one time…summer is welcome with open arms at my house!  305 more words


Pain at the Pump: Are $4/Gallon Fuel Prices Becoming Part of the New Normal?

During the last week in Columbus, OH, it’s been 80 degrees and sunny on consecutive days, the state of Ohio was represented by four teams in the Sweet Sixteen (including my beloved Buckeyes), and gas prices hit $3.99. 398 more words

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