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S'il Vous Plaît Nous Aider, France

Your Highness,

I am an American Patriot and I’m dedicating this blog post to you. It is an honor being able to speak to the King of France… Speaking on behalf of all of the Patriots, we’d really appreciate it if you’d support and endorse us openly during these difficult times. 178 more words

The James Bond of the Revolutionary War

At the start of the war, I found myself agreeing with the rebels, rather than my home country. That’s when I knew that I couldn’t continue to support Britain. 135 more words

Lost and Found - December 4th Edition

What to remember about December 4th…

  • 1780  Patriot dragoons use fake cannon to bluff British troops into surrender near Camden, South Carolina
  • 1783  At a tavern in New York, General George Washington informs his officers that he is returning to civilian life…
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Holiday for Rebels

I love this season.   A few tenacious colors still clinging to bare trees, the flurry of feathered flight, the calm hours between storms, the energetic storms themselves, the bright crescent moon in a clear night’s sky, tipping toward planets and stars, a quiet forest walk with bubbling waterfalls. 382 more words

Day 22 - "Ben Franklin looks like a clown."

In today’s practicum:

Today I taught a lesson about the Declaration of Independence.  I had a 40 minute block to teach this topic.  I opened with a fun video of a modern song adapted to describe the Declaration, and then I had the whole class take notes on the basics (when, where, why, who, etc.) Following this, we watched a video of a reading of the Declaration by celebrities, which had subtitles on it for students to follow along with.   233 more words

Hamilton and Russia: What Broadway ‘Rap-ists’ Will Never Understand

by Renée Sigerson

Even in daily conversation, people will commonly compare earthquakes with political revolutions. Earthquakes can be massively destructive, mainly because humanity still has a primitive understanding of why they occur. 6,374 more words


Hamilton and History

The musical Hamilton has brought in a new wave of love and interest in the founding fathers. It has done so with hip-hop, jazz, pop and broadway as its home, yet is it an accurate portrayal of history? 874 more words