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History: The British economy depended on the Caribbean

The British economy depended on the Caribbean 

From Book: “The War for America” – by Piers Mackesy. 

For the British, the American Revolution quickly became a naval war with France over possession of the islands of the Caribbean. 135 more words


Battlefield Bible

If you were going into battle what would you take with you?  How about your bible?  Well, one soldier did just that.  A man named Francis Merrifield, who fought at Bunker Hill, one of the first battles of the American Revolution fought in 1775 carried his bible with him and later wrote about his experiences.   13 more words

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Interview with Harold Buchanan Designer of Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection by GMT Games

Since acquiring my copy of Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection Volume V in the COIN Series by GMT Games in March, I have taken a keen interest in its designer Harold Buchanan. 2,272 more words


The American Revolutionaries might have been Thugs

It’s really odd, actually, how the myth of the American founding that I learned in elementary school is reasonably transparent about the fact that this country was founded by thugs who had no respect for the rule of law or other people’s property. 298 more words

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The Declaration of Independence

Today I am writing about the Declaration of Independence and its influence on the United States today, for history class.  I think that this is one of the most important documents that helped to start the United States of America. 556 more words


September 23, 1779: John Paul Jones Begins to Fight

The future naval officers, who live within these walls, will find in the career of the man whose life we this day celebrate, not merely a subject for admiration and respect, but an object lesson to be taken into their innermost hearts. 6,353 more words

APUSH Period 3-Seven Years War Mr. Kufs Video

Key Concept 3.1- Britain’s victory over France in the Imperial Struggle for North America led to new conflicts among the British government, the North American colonists, and American Indians, culminating in the creation of a new nation-the United States.