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Franklin The Turncoat?

Benjamin Franklin, one of the most well-known and most revered Founding Fathers, had a more controversial history than most modern Americans realize.

In the late 1750s and early 1760s, Franklin was a “complete Anglophile.” Gordon Wood,  356 more words

Early Republic

The Whig Political Theory

The English Whigs were an influential, even revered, group for many of the colonists in America. Their beliefs resonated with ordinary, common people.

The Whigs believed that “the promotion of the people’s happiness was the sole purpose of government.” Gordon Wood,  375 more words


Sanders Correctly Rattles Sabers—at the Climate Change Enemy

I have invited Patrick Walker of Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) to be a guest blogger.  Walker and his fellow political revolutionaries at RAP are a leading force in the grassroots Sanders surge.   1,139 more words


People Versus Rulers

For many colonists and early Americans, politics was a contentious, yet simple subject. Many believed that politics “was nothing more than a perpetual battle between the passions of the rulers, whether one or a few, and the united interest of the people.” Gordon Wood,  304 more words


The Adulation of the Founding Fathers

Gordon Wood began his 2006 book Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different by stating that “[n]o other major nation honors its past historical characters, especially characters who existed two centuries ago, in quite the manner we Americans do.” Gordon Wood,  496 more words

Thomas Jefferson

Empire of Reason

The American Revolution is one of the most extraordinary revolutions to have taken place in world history. Not only would it result in the birth of one of the most influential and most powerful nations ever known, but it would also be a revolution with seemingly peculiar triggers. 350 more words

American Revolution

Are Police the new Lobsterbacks?


The video of the Chicago Police shooting a man in the street is both disturbing and instructive. When we consider the history of the powers of policing in the country, we can quickly see that something is amiss today. 116 more words