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Introduction to American Politics

POLS1602: Introduction to American Politics

2015, Summer Term, University of Connecticut

Directed by Prof. Jeffrey Ladewig

Course Outline

This course is an introduction to the American political system and processes.  127 more words


Cover Crush: Glory, Passion, and Principle by Melissa Lukeman Bohrer

The heroism of the females of the American Revolution has gone from memory with the generation that witnessed it, and nothing, absolutely nothing, remains upon the ear of the young of the present day. 438 more words

Book Spotlight

FRAUD! Michelle Obama’s Mom Will Receive HUGE Taxpayer Funded Pension FOREVER Just For Doing What Americans Do For Free EVERY DAY!!!

I haven’t fact-checked this story yet but if it is true~ I believe it really is time for a second American Revolution! The very idea that anyone who babysits for their own grandchildren for 8 years while their parents lived at tax-payer expense~ in the White House should receive a government  pension at the additional expense of American Taxpayers is appalling! 

390 more words
Jersey Girl

Winter at Valley Forge

I never make my students do enough writing. Quick writes are such a great way to see if students understood the day’s material but repeatedly assigning quick writes can get boring. 239 more words

Lesson Plan

Market Fair Vendor Spotlight: 96 District Fabrics

The wait is almost over–Market Fair is this weekend! The event runs 10am-4:30pm daily on Saturday, October 29, and Sunday, October 30. We’ll have new activities and vendors, but lots of familiar faces as well, including the subject of our last vendor spotlight. 445 more words

The United States to 1865

HI151: The United States to 1865

2014, Spring Term, Boston University

Directed by Prof. Jon H. Roberts

Course Outline

This course provides a survey of important themes in American history between Columbus’s discoveries and the end of the Civil War. 59 more words


Letter to My Nephew: On Power, Privilege and Passage

Letter to My Nephew: On Power, Privilege, and Passage

This article also appeared in CounterPunch.

I wish I could tell you that the road ahead was going to offer clear choices, or change without risk, but that is highly unlikely. 947 more words

Movement Strategy