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Good maps for Brandywine 1777

While looking for information about the Battle of Long Island, I stumbled across two good maps that you could use for a Brandywine wargame scenario. Both show the terrain as close as possible to what it was like in 1777. 111 more words

American Revolution

The Prohibition Barn, and Other Tales From the Northern Islands

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Today’s blog is written by a guest blogger and master carpenter, Luke Larson… 857 more words

Barn Homes

Rand Scholet, President & Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, reviews Michael E. Newton’s Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

Rand Scholet, President & Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society, has written the following review of Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years:

“Michael E. Newton’s… 252 more words


Minority Representations in Media & the Importance of Getting it Right


It’s disgusting that this is still going on in 2015. They’re humans and deserve to be treated with respect, but what can I expect from hollywood (under-represents minority voices) and from adam sandler (who hasn’t tried since like 1998). 208 more words


The Sights Of Dover, Delaware

Dover. The capital of the First State as well as the second largest city in the United States state of Delaware, founded in 1683 by William Penn; This capital was moved here from Newcastle in 1977 because of its central location and relative safety from British raiders on the Delaware River. 86 more words


GORUCK Gorevolution

To say that April 18-19, 2015 were life-changing would be an understatement. Let’s just start at the beginning.

You’ve heard me talk about GORUCK before, including… 1,482 more words


Alexander Hamilton’s Militia Service: New Discoveries and Uncertainty Removed

It is well known that Alexander Hamilton joined the New York state militia while still attending college. However, many of the details given by Hamilton’s friends and biographers have been questioned and, indeed, many eyewitness statements appear contradictory. 635 more words