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North End Exploration

Constitution Day in the North End brings colonial history to the present, with demonstrations such as this colonial printing press printing copies of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution among other pieces.


Book Review: Lion of Liberty

Before I even get started, I should probably admit that I have a bias. I have a sincere and profound admiration for Patrick Henry, a sometimes contradictory, often times fiery man who, for his place in history, could be called the first among Patriots. 985 more words


Book Review: The Darkness (Tales From a Revolution: Maine)

Tales From a Revolution: Maine
The Darkness
by Lars D.H. Hedbor

Note: Lars Hedbor will donate all proceeds for The Wind in the month of September to hurricane relief. 1,963 more words

Before The Second Sleep

Tea and Empire

In our most eclectic special episode yet, we investigate the fascinating and dramatic history of tea and the British Empire. The humble tea has led to revolutions, global conflicts and helped oversee a transformation in British culture. 2,600 more words

Special Episode

For Constitution Day, a few days late

Or, what our dissenting soldiers might have thought of the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

In Philadelphia that September, President Washington joined many signers of the Declaration of Independence to discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation, the document governing the way the country was put together. 787 more words

Battlefield Bible

If you were going into battle what would you take with you?  How about your bible?  Well, one soldier did just that.  A man named Francis Merrifield, who fought at Bunker Hill, one of the first battles of the American Revolution fought in 1775 carried his bible with him and later wrote about his experiences.   13 more words

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The American Revolution

While the Industrial Revolution was taking place in Europe, a different type of revolution was taking place in North America. The people of this part of the world were not happy with the rulers and ultimately brought down the regimes with the help of revolution. 712 more words

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