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How Conservatism Is Destroying The Core Of America

The lack of Federal funding is eating the heart of America. We see it with the 495 bridge… No inspectors, no one just driving by and saying, “hey, why is there dirt piled there”; those people all missing due to budget cuts. 459 more words

America's Morals

Breaking: Republicans Make New Demand

Recognizing the possibility that Obamacare will not create a default of USA payments, the Republicans have tacked on a new demand.

Although Congressman Boehner has said privately he is not in favor and thinks the idea is stupid, nevertheless the House has the vote to not pass a funding bill unless it’s demands are fully met. 261 more words

Women's Prerogative

American Media's Lost Credibility Upon It's Reporting Of The Snowden Affair

“Watching you watching me / It’s so easy to see…/ Watching me watching you / It’s so obviously true”  Lyrics by Bill Withers… 

If there is anything one can gather from the Snowden release, it is that American media is severely compromised. 914 more words

"clean" Remark

A Pivot Point For Delaware's Republican Caucus

Today at 2:00 the vote will begin on House Bill 75. .  It will replace Delaware’s Civil Union law with that of marriage.  For gays it is the end of a long hard fight to gain respectability; after all the jeers, self-loathing, insults, hurled their way, they are human in every regard known to man. 518 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

Citizens Fight Crime

Jump out squads are the new topic.  What a dumb name.   I glad Mayor Williams is distancing himself from such.  It is funny how names get formed.   568 more words


NRA The Cause Of The Toughest Gun Sanctions In New York

Courtesy of the NRA

This ad would appeal only to the sliver of those who would rejoice to see Obama, Michelle, or his girls shot dead in cold blood; that extreme group to whom if this would happen,…it would “make… their… day.” 655 more words