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THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Giddy Flocks, Muskrats Emerging and Pools Shining in the Woods

Our warm winter continues.  Early last week, spring-like warmth and sun melted the snow, turning the fields and woods brown again. Though the ice in  small ponds and pools softened, most of it remained.   1,509 more words

This Week At Bear Creek

Lee's Six Word Saturday - 2/6/16




And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and…

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My Two Lakes

Technically they aren’t mine, but I do bird both of these lakes very often.

Lake Maumelle is a favorite locale for birders across the state as it seems to be a magnet for loons and grebes, even rare ones.  878 more words


Winter Contrast

This is what my backyard looked like on February 3, 2015. The snow was at least two feet deep and it was bitterly cold, the high temperature that day was 21F (-6C) and the low was -6F (-21C). 160 more words

My Photos

THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Winter Robins, Trailing a Fox and Reminders from Last Spring

I love the blue shadows that bright sun paints across winter snow. On my visits to Bear Creek this week, I spent some time with my face turned to the ground, trailing animals that had trotted along the paths to the Center Pond, perhaps on the previous moonlit night – or crossed and re-crossed the marsh nearby on a snowy morning. 1,969 more words

This Week At Bear Creek

American Robin - Merle D'Amérique by jelrdan

The American Robin is one of our most recognizable birds. It grows up to 11 inches long, and has a gray back and wings with a red breast. 42 more words


Robins at dawn

Flocks of fat American Robins perching to face the sunrise, then moving through the trees, high and low, plucking winterberries from gray branches, leaving birdy footprints in the last white patches of melting snow as they pursue the fallen berries. 48 more words