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White-collared Robin

This week’s photo, taken April 21, 2017 at Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline, WA, features a male AMERICAN ROBIN with some plumage variation.

If a bird produces less melanin pigment than usual, the result can be a bird with a few feathers or perhaps many feathers that are white instead of the expected colors of that species. 156 more words

Birds In My Trees...

ABOVE are a common House Sparrow (left) and a Blue Jay, looking for peanuts often provided in a house owner’s garden. 46 more words


American Robins: The Heroes We All Need

It was a common story around my house growing up, the story of Mom, Dad, and Rob. I’m sure I’ll get some of these details wrong, but according to my memory of the story, Mom and Dad found Rob at the base of the big old spruce tree that used to grow in the middle of our yard, an American Robin  543 more words



I have a nest of robins next to my front door.  I’m excited but very nervous for them as it is a very open area and vulnerable.   25 more words


World Migratory Bird Day celebrates bird migration in America. Bird migration is a regular seasonal movement often north and south along flyway between breeding and wintering grounds. 57 more words


Early Spring 2017

 This year……we did not go to Mexico and it was the worst winter on the record…. it was brutal and spring just did not  want to come. 762 more words

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