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Mr. Robin

Riding my bicycle home from work the other day I noticed an American Robin standing proud and tall in the midst of deluging lawn sprinklers. He knew where to be to pluck juicy earthworms from the saturated turf. 66 more words



Hot as it is, sometimes first thing in the morning a little sun feels good.

Backyard Habitat

This Guy Needs a Mate and Other Happenings

Several times every morning, this Red Bellied Woodpecker drills on that same piece of gutter.  It took a few times of running out of the house to see what the noise was about until I discovered the Woodpecker.  114 more words


American Robin #12

A Male American Robin I think that just got finished taking a bath in the St. Laurence Seaway Near Alexandria Bay. He was puffing up his chest and cleaning his feathers.



Rodney had dressed for a celebratory occasion but he wasn’t sure which parade, march, dance or protest to join.  At the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa in the vast Court Of Every Nation were flown flags from around the world.  41 more words


Earl stopped off at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa Coffee Shop for a coffee and Danish.  It had been an arduous morning searching for worms.   49 more words

"water birds"

Usually when we think of “water birds”, ducks and geese come to mind.  But if you have a backyard bird bath, you might have noticed that Robins are the most enthusiastic bathers of all the birds that use the bird bath. 392 more words