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Merit Badge

Young Bradley had been working to earn his Cub Scout Merit Badge in Environmental Science; but today he was no closer to achievement.  The Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa sponsored the scouting units and… 30 more words

American Robin


For a small honorarium Father Robin offered to join these two love birds in blessed matrimony.   the Face of Everyman, himself a Notary Public, agreed to be witness and waived his modest fee.  10 more words

American Robin

What's Up? - Less Rain - More Heat

Less Rain, More Heat…

We are having less rain but more  days of hot weather. The sun burns for many hours of the day, sometimes it’s 9:30 pm and it’s daylight. 242 more words


Talking with birds

Recently I shared the story of a robin who built her nest in the flower box that hangs off the railing of the house next door. 263 more words


Birds across the pond... and their US counterparts

During a recent visit to Scotland, I had the chance to snap photos of a few easily recognized birds and now, back home, there’s time to compare to familiar birds in Maryland. 354 more words

The Poets' Birds: Robins

Proust had his madeleines. I have my robins.

The murmuring of robins evokes for me a quieter, more gracious world: childhood summers filled with the soft, shallow breathing of curtains at the window; faint scents of spirea and lilac; quiet, melodic wisps of song as parents encourage their nestlings toward sleep. 478 more words


The Worm Coma

There’s almost nothing so adorable and natural as an infant having just filled up on warm milk and then passing out into a milk coma in a state of utter bliss. 181 more words