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Early Bird (Earl) needed help with Math.  Seen above he is being tutored by Descartes with help solving word problems.  “If a train leaves Anaheim traveling West and another train leaves Azusa at the same time traveling East; which train arrives first at Cucamonga?” 14 more words

2017 Calendar

Canada Goose
For the second year I have put together a Birds Of The Great Swamp Conservancy calendar. They will be available at The GSC nature center… 288 more words


Birding by Ear in Anchorage

I am downstairs, sitting in the rocking chair next to the hearth where the wood stove used to be. It is early morning. I am thinking about the next three weeks of travel, and writing. 660 more words

On The Road

Talent Tryouts

The Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa sponsored a Fall season talent contest.  Tryouts for the Barbershop Quartet never went as hoped.  While each member had a beautiful song and call; their attempts at harmony resulted in cacophony.  32 more words


One of the many waves of migratory birds that has arrived in the Twin Cities area in the past couple of weeks was Robins — a bonanza of Robins — a “robinnanza”.   242 more words


Series: Three Different Birds

These feathered friends were drawn in 2013. I was intrigued by dictionary art, where people print all sorts of images on old dictionary pages. We of course have our share of old books and encyclopedias. 252 more words


Remember When...

Year 2011 – American Robin

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