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Bird of the Week: American Robin

This officially most recognizable songbird has flourished as farmland and suburbs increase its favorite habitat: short grass. When you see one cocking its head, it is looking, rather than listening, for worms, its diet in spring and summer. 68 more words


Summer Leavings: Finding Ourselves in the Turning of the Seasons

By Richard Telford

Several years ago I removed the rotten eaves of several sections of our 1770 farmhouse and began to reproduce them with like materials. 1,199 more words

Environmental Journalism

Winding Down

These days are beginning to feel like writing classes where I’ve been given three totally unrelated objects and have to write a story connecting them. Apologies if my posts seem a bit disjointed lately. 383 more words


Our tiny side yard becomes an aviary

We had new windows installed throughout our 100+-year-old house a few years ago, including a fair-sized picture window in the dining room. We don’t see an ocean vista or mountain view through it, just a few feet of weedy ground, our air-conditioning unit, a wood fence and our neighbor’s house (which property, by the way, sports a Russian thistle tall enough to show a couple of feet above the six-foot fence). 407 more words

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Hanging Out

The virtual sunniness of it all makes the summer heat seem more oppressive somehow. We had rain after rain after rain in July for weeks and then virtually for a week it was all over, the steady sunshine and heat quickly depleting water levels. 381 more words


The Over/Under: Bluebirds and Robins; or, The Art Department Goes on Strike

The following is a post I sent to the Art Department, which found fault in my sagacious words and refused to supply any art for the post (leaving me to create my own). 1,911 more words