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{No. 311} Day 22: Papa Bird Delivers

It was a rainy morning. Guess who was standing on top of my neighbor’s roof.

Rain or shine, papa bird delivers!

He was waiting for the signal from mama bird to drop off the worm. 51 more words


Juvenile American Robin

Juvenile American Robin

Windy Ridge

July 23, 2017

{No. 309} Day 17: Mama Bird is Back!

Before I left the house this morning, I checked the nest one more time. She’s back!

I wonder whether she was ‘cold feet’ so flew away to get a few drinks before coming back to be a full time mom or ran away after a big argument with papa bird. 16 more words


The songbird

It was the incessant singing that made me search the foliage for the songster. But soon the diligent singer revealed itself by flying to the branch of a tree nearby. 27 more words


Singing Lessions

Somehow it befell upon the Face of Everyman to teach young orphans the life-basic songs and calls inasmuch as these lads had lost their Fathers.  It was often a painful cacophony for the first few sessions;.  15 more words

{No. 308} Day 16: Mama Bird is Missing!

When I reached home this evening, I saw papa bird standing on the lawn – frozen. He did not even recognize me when I approached him. 197 more words


American Robin

Robins can be found throughout the year in Tallahassee. Numbers are greatest between late fall and early spring but with a little know-how you can find breeding pairs around the city. 29 more words