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Female Robin

We’ve seen the pair of American Robins at Cascades Park on almost every visit the past couple of months, but we have yet to spy their babies. 58 more words


{No 318} Day 41 Empty Nest

What left is an empty nest. Papa bird did come back a couple times to chat with me. How do I know? He always has a feather sticking out on his right back. 21 more words


Garden Birds

I received a couple of e-mails lately about small, secretive, brown-reddish birds building nests in planters around Munds Park and Flagstaff. One of the writers sent me this great photo of her bird near the planter it built a nest in, on the deck of a home in Forest Highlands, and another reader in Munds Park sent me a photo of the eggs in her nest – in an artificial plant on her property.  436 more words



Forty Oaks is the name given long ago to Patti and Jeff Papows lovely home, nestled on a hill overlooking the Atlantic. Many grand old oaks still surround the updated Shingle-style “seaside cottage.” Over the years the gardens have grown in beauty and maturity, with the newest addition being the native plants pollinator paradise–Common Milkweed center stage. 150 more words

Cape Ann Wildlife

{No. 317} Day 35: Number Three has left the nest.

This is Number Three. The last of all the baby chicks. Mama bird had laid four eggs. I am wondering what has happened to the last egg. 106 more words



Communications were difficult between birds of different species.  the Face of Everyman tried to help whenever possible.  Skylar asked where one might find the best place to forage for beetles in the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  39 more words

Amber Alert

The Amber Alert had startled everybody.  Thruout the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa phones rang, klaxons blared.  In the end, the Face of Everyman pieced together the whole story:  Dad had removed the training wheels from lil’ … 52 more words