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An Army of Our Dead

No matter where we stand at the end of battles, we will be held in judgment by an army of our dead.

The sinew of justice has met its tensile ends. 1,002 more words



In 2016, 61.3 percent of the population of the United States was white; 12.7 percent of the population was black.[1]

Homicide (2016).

In 2016, there were 6,676 murders in the United States. 468 more words

American Society

Hobo, Tramp, and Bum are not Synonyms

In 1892  Alexander Berkman arrived at Western State Penitentiary in Pittsburgh to begin a twenty year sentence in the prison. The Russian anarchist met many interesting characters there who taught him a lot about American culture and society. 1,577 more words


"People of color" equals "Mulatto Agenda" and a losing narrative for the Democratic Party.

The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has managed to launch a “people of color” narrative that says America’s non-European minority ethnic groups are falling behind in a democratic-capitalist system because of economic policies favoring white people.  809 more words

African American

On reparations, be it resolved that you have to give up something to get it ...

I have gone back and forth on the reparations argument and while the likelihood of reparations for “black” descendants of African slaves brought to America is near zero, I have been giving some thought to why negotiations for reparations has never borne any fruit. 1,219 more words

It Matters, 7 o'clock cheering

Andy Newman, New York Times

I left the city a few weeks ago to eke out the shelter-in-place mandate where I can take long walks without wearing a mask or having to worry much about social distancing. 692 more words

American Society

Managing risks to the political economy by integrating non-white communities ...

The goal of public administration is to manage risks in the political economy.  Public administration embodies the day-to-day operations that that manage those risks.  Those risks include a devalued currency, flat or decreasing asset prices, reduced labor productivity, an inability for capital to flow to activities of high return, an unhealthy and uneducated labor force, and an inability to extract and process raw materials and resources and package and distribute the goods and services that are yielded by the extraction and processing activity. 1,177 more words