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Curiosity #83: Who Has the Wits?

Her mascara dripped into the wrinkles on her cheeks. I smelled her dog from where it lay by her stool, and she clutched the leash with one upturned palm, waiting to be led. 1,233 more words

American War

What makes American War so terrifying is that it’s not far-fetched. The roots of the fiction are so embedded in reality it’s impossible not to follow where they wander. 515 more words

2017 Vancouver Writers Fest

Sweet Dreams

A great film with an even better soundtrack. Ann Wedgeworth, who died just last month, plays Patsy Cline’s mother Hilda, a role she excels in.


Where did biscuits and gravy really originate from?

Hello all! Today we’re venturing further out from the usual, “explore a cuisine and its country’s cultures”. Rather, I’m going to be discussing, telling a story of a compelling food mystery: where did biscuits and gravy really originate from? 353 more words


On the Contentious Borders of the American South

Scholar and writer Zandria F. Robinson narrates her coming of age in Memphis while examining the food, music, and accents of contemporary “southernness” for Oxford American.  447 more words