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500 Words or Less: Athens, GA

I lived in Athens, GA from 2006-2008 and haven’t been back in ages. As a pilgrimage site, Athens rests on the meridian I would define as reconstructing self after hurricane Katrina. 424 more words

Step Two: Initial Steps, Opening Moves

Today, Joey and I traveled 600 miles and change. From Arkansas, through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, to arrive in Athens, GA. Site #1 on the pilgrimage, in a general sense, as I lived here for two years once, a long time ago, in what seems a different life. 455 more words

Step One: Ritual Preparation

Sitting, shorn of beard, I feel oddly light-faced and fancy-free. Light as in bright and somehow the opposite of fluffy. While I don’t recognize myself in the mirror, exactly, that seems like a necessary first step–shedding–of becoming peregrine. 214 more words

Project: Summer Pilgrimage

“The most remarkable thing about coming home to you is the feeling of being in motion again. It’s the most extraordinary feeling in the whole world.”- “Going to Georgia” 380 more words


Lawyer for the Cat

Lawyer for the Cat


Lee Robinson

Thomas Dunne books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, 2016


Sally Baynard is a divorce attorney in Charleston, South Carolina. 418 more words

Book Review

To the House of the Sun: A Poem by Tim Miller

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July 7

Signed copies are now available at a steep discount, directly from the publisher 1,072 more words


Georgia Wanderings

This past week I explored Tybee Island, GA and Savannah, GA with my family. The thing about Georgia is that I always forget how hot it is down here. 305 more words

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