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White Lesbians on Race: Lillian Smith vs. Mab Segrest

Over the summer, I read several sets of books around the theme of Gender and Sexuality in the South as a directed readings course. The first pair were both specifically about feminist and queer theory, discussed… 799 more words


Southern charm is just a cover for American traditionalists' toxic fear of change

On Friday, June 24th, 42-year-old Christy Byrd Sheats shot and killed her two daughters, 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year-old Madison. Police called to the scene found Sheats standing near the bodies of her daughters outside their Houston suburb home. 793 more words

'Monday: White Only' at a North Carolina launderette in 1962

This picture above went viral a few weeks ago: ‘The only thing that should be separated by color is LAUNDRY.’ It reminded me of a piece that Rosey Pool wrote back in 1962, when racial segregation was still in full swing in the American South. 742 more words

Rosey E. Pool

Some Fundamentals of Travel: Thoughts Directed Homeward at Journey's End

This journey 95% complete, as we drove through the entirety of Tennessee yesterday I couldn’t help but think big thoughts concerning what it has all been about. 587 more words

Review: Dive Bars of Asheville, NC

As befits the final bender of a pilgrimage, we sought out some holy dives for an evening of revelry and observation. For, what says more about a place than its best dives? 892 more words

A Gathering of Old Men

I’m studying for a big test I need to pass to get into my chosen graduate program, and also trying to do a lot of reading over the next couple of years that will catch me up with some of the areas of literature I missed as a high school or college student. 1,560 more words


500 Words or Less: Athens, GA

I lived in Athens, GA from 2006-2008 and haven’t been back in ages. As a pilgrimage site, Athens rests on the meridian I would define as reconstructing self after hurricane Katrina. 424 more words