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Savannah's a charmer

I got to visit my sister in the lovely little town of Savannah, Georgia over spring break. I’m only posting about that trip now (July, I know, I know) because while I was in Savannah, I had a personal nightmare come true and found out I had melanoma. 388 more words


Allman Brothers "Melissa"

Just felt like posting this song today.  You’re welcome.

American South

What I, A Black Texan, Think Of The Confederate Flag

Allow me to begin by addressing the obvious retort, “Of course you feel that why, you’re a black girl living in the South”  And it’s that very single reason my voice should ring much louder over the conservatives attempting to preserve their “Southern pride” and being outraged by the removal of the Confederate flag. 618 more words

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

The cousins down south are hospitable,
wear T-shirts that read Laissez les bontemps rouler,
bring up children who call us “ma’am” and “sir,” 103 more words

US Route 1: Junk and Jesus, Big Fork, VA

fuji xt-1 | fuji 23mm 1.4

Sometimes I forget that I live in the South until I venture out into the more rural areas.


Cheeses of the South

I’ve always been a lover of cheese. Any kind of cheese–hard cheese, soft cheese, and numerous in-between varieties. While I certainly have my favorites, I can’t remember a cheese I’ve ever tasted that I wouldn’t eat. 1,832 more words