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The question

This is the question that we ask: what is to become of the Southern people?

Their answer: The Southern people will continue to suffer mass immigration, migration, forced assimilation and integration. 164 more words


Memorial day- Created by Union Veterans

Hopefully this Memorial Day, you and your family have taken a moment to remember our soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The idea of Memorial Day was born with the Civil War soldiers. 303 more words

Civil War

Volvo Offers Value - And Jobs

By George Polgar

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The recent announcement that Volvo would invest $500 million in its first US plant in Berkeley County, SC, near Charleston, is the latest development in the emergence of the American South as one of the world’s leading centers for car, truck and aftermarket manufacturing. 138 more words

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The American South (Part I)

The United States has a reputation abroad for being a nation of ignorant, backwards loonies who advocate policies the rest of the advanced nations abandoned decades ago. 1,853 more words



Since the influx of Latino immigrants into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, there have been some reports of hostility between Latinos and other New Orleanians. However, after speaking with members of the Latino immigrants community, racism from strangers is not as much of a concern as it once was. 1,547 more words


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers

I wanted to enjoy this book a lot more than I ended up doing so. There’s no doubting that the insight and content of the book seemed way beyond an author of twenty-three but at times the writing felt clunky, and the some of the characters, especially Blount, seemed to be more symbols of their beliefs than real people. 310 more words


Most Gay Porn Watched in the South?

Actually, that makes perfect sense to me and, as this clip from the Rubin Report explains, we should not be surprised that the regions that have the most oppressive anti-LGBT laws are were we would see this bubbling under the surface. 90 more words