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Southern Food Road Tour: Thibodeaux Joke from Eunice, Louisiana

In Louisiana, there are a ton of jokes devoted to skewering the Boudreaux and the Thibodeaux, which are founding family names, that they have their own Facebook page… 59 more words

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Southern Food Road Trip: Bettie's Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Humboldt, TN – My AirBnB hostess here, a ferociously charming woman named Christine Warrington, recently moved back home after making her international fortune, with designs on taking out the sitting mayor. 390 more words


A Troubling Moment

Civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson says his Equal Justice Initiative to commemorate the racial violence–that included 4,000 lynchings in 12 states of the American South between 1870 and 1950–is aimed at creating an awareness and appreciation of the history that led to millions of Black Americans fleeing to ghettos in the North as refugees of that terror. 117 more words

Pawnbroker (Jerry Hatchett)

Ignore the crappy cover. “Law. . . It was all a game, one whose outcome was usually determined not so much by right and wrong as by who had the money and who held the power.” I’ll buy that. 445 more words


The American Civil War Still is With Us

Yesterday I addressed the issue of systemic trauma that often occurs from economic disparity.  This issue is personal to me as I grew up in the American South, the state of Arkansas, and my family was impoverished for the first 10 years of my life or so.  548 more words


Excerpts from "Origins of the New South"

Presented without comment:

By some obscure rule of succession, Bleases tended to follow Tillmans and Bilbos to succeed Vardamans. The new type of leader could hardly be said to have had a program or a party.

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