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The American Civil War Still is With Us

Yesterday I addressed the issue of systemic trauma that often occurs from economic disparity.  This issue is personal to me as I grew up in the American South, the state of Arkansas, and my family was impoverished for the first 10 years of my life or so.  548 more words


Excerpts from "Origins of the New South"

Presented without comment:

By some obscure rule of succession, Bleases tended to follow Tillmans and Bilbos to succeed Vardamans. The new type of leader could hardly be said to have had a program or a party.

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The Pilgrim Narrative

tells the story of persecution.

the chief source:
the Pilgrims.

style, humanity, humor.
the great Plymouth (largely self-
taught) contradictions of
personal experience.

-Les Mots Manquants 66 more words


Echo Chambers in the Age of Trump

I live in two Americas. I am a daughter of the South but a citizen of New York City. In the last two days, the divide that exists in this country has ripped open even further, and I have found myself struggling with the national cognitive dissonance I am observing playing out on Facebook and other social media. 1,019 more words

American Honey (2016)

Director Andrea Arnold‘s latest film, the aptly titled American Honeyis a thoughtful coming-of-age drama told through the lens of an impoverished teenager named Star ( 492 more words


Pumpkinhead (1988)

When I was a little kid, my grandmother used to tell me ghost stories from the American South. Being a Dixie girl, she knew all about such horrific figures as “the Head-Chopper,” “the Boggart” and “Raw Head and Bloody Bones” (who was my favorite at the time). 3,064 more words


Assignment 2 - Revitalization of the Brooklyn Neighborhood in JAX

Many communities around Jacksonville are known for a certain newness, but the presence of distinctive, historic neighborhoods prove that there is much more than meets the eye. 314 more words