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The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South by John T. Edge

The Potlikker Papers one of, if not the, best food history books I’ve ever read. It goes from the segregated South to the Black Panthers (did you know Bobby Seale* has a cookbook?) to Nation of Islam to hippies relocating from cities to the deep South to start communes to Paul Prudhomme to… 144 more words


A Closer Look at the Anthropology of Contemporary North America Series

The Anthropology of Contemporary North America Series is one of UNP’s newest initiatives. The aim of this series is to publish teachable, empirically rich, and conceptually innovative books that contribute to the comparative anthropology of North America, emphasizing ethnographic approaches to contemporary subject matter. 287 more words

Reading List

American South, Self - Griffin, Larry J.

Griffin, L.J. (2006). The American South and the Self. Southern Cultures, 12(3), 6-28. doi: 10.1353/scu.2006.0033



Art Break: Simone Leigh's method of concealment and visibility

“Through ceramics, Leigh references vernacular visual traditions from the Caribbean, the American South, and the African continent, as well as the Afro Descendant diasporic experience dating from the Middle Passage to the present. 25 more words


Gone With the Wind - A Reading Journal, Part IV

This post comes to you as a series of thoughts by bullet point. Spoilers abound.

-Ashley actually does like her? I apparently misread things from the beginning. 392 more words


Establishing Interest: Faulkner's A Rose for Emily

Short stories writers are an interesting breed, as they are writers who must create vivid characters, landscapes, and plots in a prose format meant to be read in one sitting. 864 more words