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The Key to Effective Propaganda

The following is a series of tweets posted by NavyJack on June 18, 2017

It appears that we have travelled a bit fast and that we need to make sure everyone has a solid foundation before moving forward. 678 more words

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"It's Time to Start Naming Names"

The following was reported by Navy Jack in a series of tweets on June 18, 2017

We’ve covered a lot over the past month. It is time to start naming names. 636 more words

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"Navy Jack" tweets about Comey also being used.

On June 15th, Navy Jack tweeted the following thread:

“The brazen redefinition of Mueller’s task tells  you how arrogant the Deep State is and how confident it is it can get away with anything.” 432 more words

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"New Years is Over, Back to Targeting Middle Class," by George Webb

From the Wayback Machine… George Webb’s “No More Informants” blogsite

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Is Over, Back To Targeting Middle Class

Now that the New Years weekend is over, US Federal law enforcement can go back to targeting the middle class. 183 more words

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"How Was ISIS Winning If They Are So Cowardly?" by George Webb

From the Wayback Machine… George Webb’s “No More Informants” blogsite

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Was ISIS Winning If They Are So Cowardly?

We all remember ISIS rolling in their Toyato trucks and their “captured” Abrams tanks to within 8 miles of the Bagdad airport 17 month ago, taking town after town in a matter of weeks.  420 more words

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"See Something Say Something" gets you labeled a right wing conspiracist by the NYT

“See something, Say something” gets you labeled a “right wing conspiracist.” At least in the New York Times.

When citizen journalist and investigator George Webb received viable credible information about a cargo container — the Maersk Memphis — possibly carrying a dirty bomb aboard in a Diplomatic Pouch (which can be as big as a cargo container) into the port of Charleston, SC, the Coast Guard was alerted by You Tube viewers watching a live stream of George and Jason Goodman in which George revealed the details of what he had been told by Department of Homeland Security “white hat” insiders. 102 more words

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