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America: Home of the Everlasting Brave

Hurricanes ransacked parts of the U.S. leaving behind death, destruction, and displaced families. Damages are still undefined and unimaginable. In times of such uncertainty, I have found one thing to be certain; the American Spirit will prevail. 295 more words

Ripples in the Flood Waters

It’s a Dunkirk of sorts, the National Catholic Register points out. Dunkirk was a moment when private citizens took it upon themselves to rescue trapped British and French soldiers. 533 more words

So That The World May Believe

A Central Corruption of the Spirit

Andrea Mitchell, veteran Washington reporter, said this today:

“I’m an optimist. I have never been as discouraged as I have been this week about our country, not the people of our country but the leaders of our country. 398 more words

Was the Don Jr. meeting part of a #NeverTrump Sting Op?

VIRAL : Was the Don Jr. Meeting Part of a #NeverTrump Sting Operation?



An expose by a popular Twitter US Navy Veteran account, purports to expose the Don Jr. 238 more words

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