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Time is a Killing Pain


when stuffed into a plastic bag,
are unable to decompose.

Air is necessary for building up,
and for breaking down.

Between the hiatal glitches in my time stream, 38 more words


Duluth Shipping

During a week in Duluth there were other ships that came to or left the harbor. Most of the days it was cold and rainy and the winds were blowing in off of Lake Superior. 33 more words


Ted Cruz... the backstory.

A friend who has been politically active in the liberal Northeast shared with me his thoughts about Ted Cruz now that Cruz has suspended his campaign and is no longer aspiring to the Oval Office. 633 more words

American Spirit

About Glenn Beck...

About Glenn Beck…

Dave Perkins (my friend and Better Angel on my Shoulder) encouraged me to listen to Glenn Beck explain why the Daily Caller article… 3,809 more words

American Spirit


Once upon a time in the Kingdom of the Maple Leaf…

A child was born to two foreigners, Lucy and Ricardo.

According to the law of the Maple Leaf land, the parents of this child who they named Little Rafael were required to declare which country their baby would claim as his: Maple Land? 1,851 more words

American Spirit

Bodies Collide

Bodies Collide


While crossing Dike Access Road,
Deep in southern Washington State,
I’m destroyed by her gleaming apoca-lips.
Bloody passionfruit filth fills my IV; 64 more words


Happy National Pie Day!

Pies…..They are simple and delicious, and come Thanksgiving, everybody will try to save room for them. The pies we have come to enjoy today are a fairly recent addition to the pie history that goes back as long as mankind has had the dough to bake a crust and the stuff to put inside it. 304 more words