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At Our Best | The Federalist Coalition

I find respite to the fears of despair as I witness the responses to crisis and tragedy which demonstrate we are still capable of being at our best. 432 more words

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More than a little disappointed

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Yep, this post is about Hurricane Irma, well not so much about Irma as it is about how people conducted themselves before and after the hurricane passed through. 1,246 more words

Freedom Of Speech

America: Home of the Everlasting Brave

Hurricanes ransacked parts of the U.S. leaving behind death, destruction, and displaced families. Damages are still undefined and unimaginable. In times of such uncertainty, I have found one thing to be certain; the American Spirit will prevail. 295 more words

Ripples in the Flood Waters

It’s a Dunkirk of sorts, the National Catholic Register points out. Dunkirk was a moment when private citizens took it upon themselves to rescue trapped British and French soldiers. 533 more words

So That The World May Believe