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Good grief

Here we are some 18 days after the presidential election. Some 17 days after HRC conceded the election to President-elect Trump. Some 55 days until BHO is out of the Oval Office. 503 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

I wish each and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Not long ago returned from a day of Thanksgiving and a hearty meal with family and friends. This is the officially recognized holiday, the fourth Thursday in November. 198 more words


Born in the USA, and Grateful - Happy Thanksgiving

On the Thanksgiving holiday, we give thanks for all our blessings.  Here in the United States, Thanksgiving has been a national holiday since the 1860s.  Yes, in the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day.   578 more words


Relax about President-elect Trump's Cabinet already

Is it really necessary to give minute-by minute updates? Also is it really necessary to speculate on who gets what post? Relax already. There is still plenty of time to fill the Cabinet level posts. 301 more words


Rising from the ashes

If the rioters(calling themselves protesters)would just stop rioting, sit and have a cup of coffee(decaf if necessary)and think they may come to understand what great impact a Trump presidency will have on their lives. 744 more words


The Morning After

I told my students this morning that I would not tolerate gloating, nor would I tolerate complaining.  We moved on together, focusing on the lesson at hand.   501 more words

American Spirit