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The Empire's Spunk-Bots

Empire Spunkbots, One Prisoner’s Experience

Mister Jiggleknots has a toothache. He’s grinding the cleft. He’s gripping the wires. His containment quivers but holds.

Harrison Ford has been his Ninkhursag for five months and counting, ’cause time here is an endless fountain of recycled water. 204 more words


Ship watching from Park Point

In the summer one of my favorite places to watch the ships is behind the South Pier Inn. The owners of the South Pier Inn have a beautiful flower garden along the shore. 25 more words



An interesting article talking about the US experience and the American spirit.

When the little one finished his Fanta, he asked for another one. We normally don’t allow him to drink soda at all, but we thought, After all, it’s his first week in America, and he’s having a tough time in preschool.

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Dangerous Division & Pain Too Close To Home

Living in the land of the bluebonnets, the awfulness in Dallas this week hit especially hard.  We’ve had attempted terror attacks before, which were quickly dispatched with no collateral damage.  350 more words

Drug Induced Satire: Hampire

This is part one of the sequel to the award-winning short film, “Daemon Hampire”. I give you a drugstore injection of Woodheavy Brown’s latest dark parody, “Hampire: Rejuvenated”. 9 more words


The Banner of the Free

Americans share a wonderful heritage. Not a spotless heritage – far from that, and no nation has a spotless heritage – but we have a heritage that is characterized (not flawlessly) by a love of freedom and equality and valor, a heritage that is characterized (not flawlessly) by righting wrongs and administering justice, a history that is marred by the effects of sin but a history that was at least at times exalted by goodness and rightness and fighting for right causes and being an international symbol of liberty and justice for all. 557 more words


Settle in kids, I want to tell you a special story.

Once upon a time, there lived a strong and proud group of people.  These people were led by some rulers in a far away land.  383 more words