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Medina's Magic

Los Angeles DJ Cole Medina updates this classic of Olivia Newton John with the groove of our times. Hats off.

Olivia Newton-John – Magic (Cole Medina Edit) (Discogs)


What's Up with the American Standard Version of the Bible?

I’m really confused by these ads for the American Standard Bible…

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and the crazy religious wackos at Kapow. 28 more words

A New Member to the Family

My Schecter was in need of a good mid-Summer adjustment so I went down to one of the 3 local guitar shops here in town. Believe it or not all three are within 2 blocks of each other in downtown Longmont Colorado. 645 more words


Attention all Heating and Cooling Companies - Special offers on new Mercedes-Benz Commercial Sprinter or Metris Van.

This month I have helped many distributors of the products listed below, to get a special offer on a new Sprinter or Metris van.

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems… 175 more words

Regarding the "moron"

in oxymoron ….

I don’t go looking for this stuff, honestly. It just seems to jump out of the bushes at me while I’m on the way to something else, like that ******* Chihuahua that jumped out of a hedge line and sunk his miserable little teeth into my ankle back when I was in college. 699 more words

POLITICS: Talking Out Of One's Ass And Face At The Same Time