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Proof, Tabard Theatre

David Auburn’s 2001 play Proof is an exquisitely crafted Tony award winner about Catherine, a young woman who gave up her early 20s to care for her father, a renowned mathematician suffering from mental illness. 504 more words

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From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:
In 2013, of the 71,713 total liver disease deaths among individuals aged 12 and older, 46.4 percent involved alcohol. 86 more words

The Unsung Gender-Parity Warriors

American Theatre magazine shines a spotlight on gender dis/parity and the mission of the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival.

Day 5-That’s Where You’ll Find Me

7th Sep, 2015

What would someone have to do to find you? Ms. Asma asks. Stated below is my answer.

Based on what I was able to come up with from the top of my head in answer to the other questions posed by Ms. 257 more words

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Day 4-The Beginning

4th Sep, 2015

On Friday we had a four hour session with the Arizona professors. This session took place in Hladia hall instead of the Staff House. 439 more words

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Day 3- Improv:

Sep 3rd, 2015

Today we had our first real session with the Professors. It took place in the Staff House, which I had never been to before, even though I’ve been at Kinnaird for four years. 629 more words

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Day 2- The real and the not-so-much

Sep 2nd, 2015

The second class began with us forming the circle again this time with chairs (if it were possible my legs would have sighed with relief. 314 more words

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