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Is Unplanned Obsolescence Sneaking Up On Us?

A Model T Ford is obsolete; so too a P-51 Mustang fighter plane, the Bell Telephone System, and if you are retired, you, too. Ultimately the earth will be obsolete if geologists and cosmologists are correct. 524 more words


John Kerry visits Boeing, defends controversial trade deal

Originally published May 19, 2015 at 11:56 am Updated May 19, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks about trade on Tuesday at Boeing’s 737 assembly facility in Renton, Washington. 333 more words

Jon Tribble: Ball and Pivot

Jerry looked better than any hog-faced man should,

a Porky Pig grin always on his face, happy to meet

us each time he came around to fix what had broken. 513 more words

Social Justice


While I have resigned the only job which resulted from the Career Fair, “guest worker,” or the ability to labor at other restaurant locations has allowed me to pick up some hours. 57 more words


What could a new kind of labor movement be?

Sam Seder’s interview of Thomas Geoghegan is about 45 minutes long. 

The rest of the running time is a repeat.


Thomas Geoghegan says American labor needs a new strategy, which would include the following. 839 more words