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Pallets Not Lined UP! How Fucking Tragic Is That?

LMAO, I kid you not. I’d received a rude awakening yesterday. May I disclose that I currently work at a Membership Warehouse Store so, some of ya will relate to this shit. 174 more words

Book 9

There is no shortage of Science Technology and Engineering Majors (STEM) in the US ... There is a glut

Now that the US needs Factory workers and finds itself with a shortage of “labor” the truth about STEM workers … the true reason for all of those H1B worker visas which can now be admitted by the propaganda media … Is that he H1b visa system was only ever a strategy to suppress wages in the tech sector. 589 more words


Psalm by Richard Chess


Somewhere a man is writing a psalm.
Maybe it’s late, his child
sleeping under dreams,
his wife coughing, shivering, spitting,
touching a clock on the bedside table. 225 more words


Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

With some minor assistance from the woman to the left of me, who noticed when I worked through the second break, I came close to meeting production on my new process.

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Today's TWO Politically INCORRECT Cartoons by A.F. Branco

In The Tank

A.F. Branco | on March 6, 2018 at 1:30 pm | https://comicallyincorrect.com/drunk-on-cnn/

CNN among other new organizations exploits an intoxicated former bit player in the Trump campaign to serve their destroy Trump Agenda. 131 more words


The 6th Day

Since several schools in the area remain closed for the wintry conditions, I thought Pizza Street would be more crowded on Thursday; some children are having a six-day weekend. 142 more words


Wagons West

With the ice everywhere outside, the server realizes curling is an Olympic sport in which he could possibly be competitive.

Jose Pepper’s & Cactus Grill: *LUNCH DEAL ALERT* $4.35 Pollo Magnifico Special!

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