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It's Hard to Fix Stupid

It’s Hard to Fix Stupid… by Frank Bommarito

I’m sure you wondering why most of our presidential candidates are dodging the question on how to fix the dilemma of what you do with 11 million illegal people now in America. 488 more words

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1 out of 3 American workers support the rest of the country

Those not in the labor force surges to another record at 93,770,000.

Source: MyBudget360.com

The latest employment figures did not help the market.  While the unemployment rate remained unchanged this is largely being driven by the… 322 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

President Who?

President Who?  By Frank Bommarito

The 2016 Presidential campaign is underway and right now we have a large interesting group who want the job.

On Thursday evening we saw and heard from the potential nominees of the Republican party in a debate scenario.  389 more words

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Guess Who Woke Up?

Guess Who Woke Up? by Frank Bommarito

As the Pacific Trade Deal talks near their end, automakers who typically back trade agreements that open markets for their products have now become leery of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 290 more words

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Fast Breaking Car Business News

Fast Breaking Car Business News by Frank Bommarito

U.S. and import manufacturers stay on course for 17.3 million in sales for 2015 while winding up a strong July. 319 more words

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Hillary Clinton To Jeb Bush: American Workers Need A Raise

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton accused former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush of lacking an understanding of the needs of American workers on Monday, using an agenda-setting economic speech to cast Republican prescriptions for the economy as relics of the past that would do little to boost wages for the middle-class. 972 more words


The American Worker

The American Worker

On this July 4th weekend American patriotism was on display and it reminded me of a true story.

A poignant story is told about the sorrowful days following President Roosevelt’s death in 1945. 352 more words

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