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A Bend of Magic

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” Claude Monet

“A Bend of Magic”

Stirred by sound and the unsettled pond

A lotus took one look at itself for the first time… 219 more words



There’s an elephant
In this room
You can’t see it
Yet, but it’s mine
And it’s ugly

Of course,
Maybe that’s okay
You won’t care… 17 more words


"Of The Machine Mystique"

Ah, typewriter, my typewriter,
You can be such a pain in my ass
But there’s mystery contained
Within the mechanics of your mass,
Mysticalities in your keys, in… 114 more words



Too long alone
Too long to think
Too many thoughts
Without any stops to
Align me right again.
Slowly I’m drowning
In a waterless grave, 39 more words


A Writer's Challenge: "A Forthright Kill"

How would you respond to this writing challenge, “It was the first time I killed a man…”? Below is a piece I wrote on Prose. If you are looking for a writer’s refuge or you’re someone who needs a ‘recharge’ there is Prose (theprose.com). 167 more words

Virtue Described

Virtue is condemned to

A life of self-righteousness

Based on a system

Of rewards and punishment

Embedded in hierarchy

Tamed like an animal

There is no freedom in virtue… 85 more words

American Poet

In the Soviet Union, Capitalism triumphed over Communism. In this country, Capitalism triumphed over Democracy.

Fran Lebowitz, American writer

Words To Remember