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Bon Bon Berry Acai Bowl Frozen Yogurt

I needed breakfast and I wanted a smoothie so I found this place on Yelp and got there right at their opening hour, 7am. I had to go to MDR and had just left the gym so I was in a rush. 86 more words


The Bechdel, Russo, and Race Test: The 100, "Join or Die" - Season 3, Episode 13

Clarke and Co. desperately searched for Luna on The 100, “Join or Die,” but their search for her was a struggle as they found that they didn’t understand the clues that Lincoln had left behind for them. 442 more words


My thoughts on privilege, #BernieOrBust, and withholding the vote

I’ve been seeing the above article floating around social media lately and I felt the need to speak on it as well as the broader conversation about #BernieOrBust and withholding the vote. 968 more words

Should Sugar be Considered a Drug?

by: Tobi Oniyinde

Have you ever eaten some kind of candy or sweet food, and never really understood why you couldn’t stop eating it? Well you might have an addiction to sweets. 390 more words


I'm Leaving France?!!


Ah…never knew that this day would come. Correction: I knew that it was bound to come, as my work contract has an end date and all of that. 654 more words


The Differences Between World's Classifications On Earth

Often times children and teens that live in well developed countries make jokes about the small struggles in their life, calling them “first world problems”; for example when the charger to your phone doesn’t reach your bed or when your house is too big that it needs two wireless routers, etc. 460 more words