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“White Christian America is dying”

Robert P. Jones is the CEO of he Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and author of the book, The End of White Christian America. In an interview with him by John Sides, an Associate Professor of Political Science at George Washington University, regarding his book, Hones spells out the profound social implication of a new reality: America is no longer a majority white Christian nation. 343 more words


How Militaries Around the World Camouflage Soldiers' Faces

This is a really cool video on how 3 different militaries around the world apply camouflage to a soldiers face. The 20 minute video covers how the Americans, British, and South Korean military apply face camo to soldiers faces to make them blend into their environments. 96 more words



Title: Last Flag Flying (2017)
Director: Richard Linklater
Cast: Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne, Steve Carell
Genre: Drama, Comedy, War
Language: English
Length: 125 minutes (2 hours 5 minutes) 869 more words

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Ryan & Wood Straight Rye Whiskey

In recent years the popularity of rye seems to be on an upswing, perhaps following the bourbon boom. Many new ryes are being distilled, taking their place on store shelves alongside time honored standards. 568 more words


Pet Sematary by Stephen King

A gripping novel that takes a long hard look at death right in its stinkin’ eye, ayuh

So I’ve got a confession to make. For someone who runs an amateur spooky blog about films and books, I am SERIOUSLY DEFICIENT when it comes to reading Mr King. 458 more words


Burger Burger- Auckland

Heard good things about this place that I decided to give it a try. What I like about this place is that it is located in a courtyard and you more than likely would miss it unless you use your phone or knew where it is located next to. 339 more words


Why inclusion in the Google Arts & Culture selfie feature matters

(Source: techcrunch.com)

When Google Arts & Culture’s new selfie-matching feature went viral earlier this week, many people of color found that their results were limited or skewed toward subservient and exoticized figures. 1,496 more words