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"Jimmy Choos" by Rickie Lee Jones - THE BRAND NEW VIDEO!

Rickie Lee Jones is undoubtedly one of the few artists, ranked alongside Björk, Kate Bush, Moody Blues, The Beatles, who from her first release has authored a voice and sound so distinctive as to be unmistakeable. 24 more words


Little Diner

Weekday lunches are one of the best luxuries that I get to enjoy now that I’m a student. No rush with the crowds, set lunch prices, leisurely eating (to a certain extent). 528 more words


In response to Virginia Woolf's essay "A Room of One’s Own"

Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own” written on women, engaged in many significant issues about the history and civilization of women and analyzed it since its publication. 1,167 more words

Hammerhead's- Louisville, KY

Ok, I know.. I am long overdue; 2 vacations, about a dozen+ new restaurants, and about a billion taste buds stimulated since I’ve written. I’m bad. 613 more words


Sad Experience

Today was mortifying. Something happened that really bothered me and caused me to want to react. My family and my aunt’s family decided to go to a public park to gather and grill. 627 more words

The Spot

Cozy and just right on the commercial middle of Johnson St. It’s a small local joint, with big booths that scream “comfort”. The staff is friendly and personable. 48 more words


My dishes will represent me today

Cooking is more of a meditation for me rather than a daily activity. These dishes represent who I am and what my life is surrounded by. 175 more words