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What no one told me about moving abroad for love

It’s been about a month since I arrived in Ireland and as such, a blog post is definitely in order. I plan to keep this one short and sweet because, as you might imagine, a month’s worth of emotions, events, thoughts, etc. 554 more words

American In Ireland


This books opens in present tense for both of our protagonists – Ifemelu and Obinze. Where Ifemelu, living in and leaving USA is reminiscing about her life so far; which includes her childhood and adolescent years in Nigeria, being a student in USA, surviving homesickness and solitary life in her adopted homeland, falling in and out of love but still searching for the meaning behind the notion. 351 more words


Rutherford Grill

Name: Rutherford Grill

City, State: Rutherford, CA

Type: Modern American

📷: Rib Plate


Food: 50

Presentation: 50

Service: 60

Vibe: 60

Price: 40

__________… 53 more words



AMERICA, the mightiest of the countries, the leader of the free world. Amongst all its Hi-tech, cultural and skyscraping contributions is a teeny-weeny experimental discovery which resulted in a culinary revolution in countries across the world. 506 more words

I don't Stand For National Anthems 

I saw a meme floating around on Facebook of a man sitting down for the American national anthem. People weren’t happy as many less able bodied than himself stood up for it. 648 more words

Stereotypes- What fun!

So this is a fun topic, mildly demeaning at some points, but none the less funny. I was at a party the other day for a christening and the topic of my exchange came up. 311 more words

Inbound Immersion

Observations from yesterday

Dublin Airport

Loads of UID Aer Lingus A330’s

Ryanair 737-800’s

American Airlines A330-300

Delta Air Lines A330-300 – well this flew over my home so that’s where I saw it! 160 more words