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The secret UK plan for benefits – copied from America, like everything else.

Applicants will have to establish a sufficient and recent work history to qualify for benefits. 1,068 more words

Your papers please

“Good morning Sir, May I see your papers please?”
“Oh Sir, what a relief! You speak English. I was worried how I would get around here” 100 more words


Isn't education great?

I don’t think there is a language more moralising than hindi, especially when it comes out of Narendra Modis mouth, or my fifth standard hindi teacher, the poor lady could never sell her language to us. 406 more words


I am not Indian

I am not Indian. No indian author have I read that played with words like Oscar wilde. No indian television show influenced my language as Nickelodeon did, or Friends did. 325 more words


Language and sophistication

Language plays a significant role in sophistication. In the link here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdKAVE0frIM an english actress describes how she played a prank on a friend of hers by placing a bit of chocolate in between the persons buttocks while he was sleeping. 703 more words



Why is Black Friday a thing in the UK?

It is so inextricably tied up with an exclusively American holiday that it makes no sense to me. 141 more words

Everything Else

The war against Hindu culture - David Frawley

Western monoculture breaks up traditional families, social systems, and accounts of history, imposing its view alone as liberal, rational, scientific and humanistic. – Dr David Frawley… 1,253 more words