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Death Note (2017, dir. Adam Wingard)

A teenager finds a notebook with the power to compel a death-demon. Manga/J-horror Americanisation; effective if you go with its dream-logic (the Phantasm movies get a shout-out as a clue), with some good performances and strong direction from Wingard.

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Make Americanisation Great Again

It is no secret that the United States of America (USA) is the super power of the western world. Politically, economically and in terms of popular culture USA have proliferated the globe with their ideas, practices and culture. 595 more words


“While the media have become indeed globally interconnected, and programs and messages circulate in the global network, we are not living in a global village, but in customised cottages globally produced and locally distributed” 480 more words


Globalisation (aka. Cultural Imperialism?)

The phenomenon of globalisation facilitates interconnection across geographical and cultural barriers. On the surface, it seems like this is the most favourable path for the evolution of society, yet it can be argued that globalisation is effectively weakening the cultural unity of individual countries through it’s homogenising effects. 469 more words


The "Westernisation" Of Anime

“Americanisation” is a term that many anime fans will be familiar with. This is the process whereby an anime show or movie is purchased by a US company and heavily edited, its story changed and even its character names altered to make it have more in common with animation produced in the US. 2,370 more words


Globalisation - Key Concepts and Definitions

Communism – an economic system in which the means of production are owned in common and wealth distributed according to need.

Cosmopolitanism – where people or societies are tolerant of other people’s or societies’ ways of life and values; this is one of the positive consequences of globalisation as people increasingly come into contact with other ways of life and make an effort to enter into dialogue with diverse cultures and find ways to ‘live together’. 914 more words