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grime isn't being Americanised, in fact, it's quite the opposite

“Everybody wants to do grime now, real talk lets not lie now.”  That might just be the most truthful bar spat this year.  It’s no secret that grime has blown up recently.   869 more words


The franchise vs. the independents

By Chelsea Haith

In what may be the battle of the decade, in quiet, unassuming Grahamstown, South Africa, capitalism is facing off against community solidarity and small town authenticity as the franchise takes on the independents in a battle of coffee shop supremacy. 787 more words



The internet is full of reports that ‘Some doctors in England are being offered thousands of pounds to cut the number of patients being sent to hospital’, with many such reports carried in ‘White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant’ (WASP) countries, see, for instance, chicagodarpan.com. 776 more words


# Day 112 (Our willing Americanisation)

Last weekend we enjoyed a novel experience…attending the local city edition of Comic Con along with our son and daughter-in-law. There was much excitement and eager anticipation among the crowd milling around the venue as with childlike glee people were trying on the props and other merchandise associated with their preferred comic/TV show/ movie characters. 404 more words

Exploring Life Themes

Is Americanisation damaging the global film industry?

Film has been seen for almost a century as a tool to culturally articulate a nations own lifestyles, beliefs and identity. The implications of globalisation however, have created Transnational Cinema, which is defined as the extension and operation of cinema/film across national boundaries. 440 more words


When Cultural Influence Becomes Cultural Appropriation

The international film industries have created many cinematic masterpieces over time. Yet the constant using and morphing of ideas borrowed from other cultures has proven to be a controversial topic, bringing up questions of cultural appropriation. 635 more words


Is Australian politics becoming more like American politics? If so, why? #PLT110 #auspol #americanisation

Is Australian politics becoming more like American politics?  If so, why? 

Australian politics seemed to become more obviously aligned with American politics during the 2007 Federal election campaign. 273 more words

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