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Keep Bands Plural

The slow, creeping Americanisation of British English has been underway for a century or so. It’s inevitable. We’re a poxy little North Sea island that… 688 more words


You've just been Briar-ised

‘Ising’ a word is a pretty cool thing to do, for example, Americanising. “Hey what are you doing?” ‘Nothing just Americanising this village’. Pretty bad example eh. 744 more words

San Jose: A Capital City

Reactions to San Jose were mixed.  Some of the girls loved the excitement and the bustle of a big city others found the Americanisation too much.   775 more words

Auto-Enrolment: Where Are We Now?

2014 has seen auto-enrolment further established in the UK. This year it has spread from larger businesses to SMEs and smaller businesses. Several firms were even subjected to fines when they chose to ignore the policy, showing that The Pensions Regulator was not messing around. 318 more words


Happy holidays!

Given the pervasive hysteria about paedophiles, it’s odd how British mothers have embraced Halloween so enthusiastically.

The dark streets are full of bewildered children elaborately dressed in costumes being urged by gaggles of mums to knock on strangers’ doors asking for sweets… in blatant contradiction to the age-old advice. 139 more words

Washing Machines and Globalisation vs. Americanization - originally posted 17 April 2009

I wrote this in response to Mrs Clayton’s appeal to write about Washing Machines.

WTF? How am I going to write about washing machines? I mean really! 477 more words


Globalisation of Media and its effects on the world

‘Globalisation could lead to the homogenisation of world cultures, or to hybridisation and multiculturalism’ (Khorana, 2014)

This statement delivered to us in our second lecture of BCM111 expresses the benefits, disadvantages, concerns and welcoming of globalisation. 451 more words