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Brexit and Mexit

I have to admit that the attitudes of most lefty commentators on Latin America (including myself) about Brexit certainly are paradoxical. While we generally deplore the damages done to our own countries by various neo-liberal “trade agreements” and support nationalist movements, when it comes to British voters turning their backs on those trade agreements and turning nationalist, we immediately write off the “Leave” voters as a bunch of short-sighted racist yahoos.  1,487 more words

Economy & Business

These guns for hire... against migrants

After the Summer 2014 “Central American Migrant Crisis”, the Obama Administration crowed about the 86 million dollar “Southern Border Plan” … which basically is paying Mexico to do the dirty work… 1,021 more words

Human Rights

The refugees at Mexico's door

Although President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico said when he announced the so-called Southern Border Plan that it was to “protect the human rights of migrants as they pass through Mexico,” the opposite has happened.

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Eamon Bulfin: The Ché Guevara of Ireland

Irish, and Irish-Latinos have made their mark in Latin American history as freedom fighters for centuries. Guilermo Lombardo … born William Lamport… was the first to call for New Spain’s independence (and was one of the sources for the fictional hero, Zorro); the San Patricios’ doomed fight to save Mexico from the United States are still celebrated here; and further south, we find Bernardo O’Higgins, the founding father of Chile, and — in Argentina — Ernesto Guevara Lynch made something of a name for himself in the last century (and, looked good on tee-shirts). 231 more words

Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)