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Chicken update - They're roosting together!

It’s been a total of 3 months since I bought my first 6 chickens.  After some swaps, I now have 4 Easter Eggers (1 rooster, 3 hens) and 3 Lavender Orpington hens.  81 more words

Hatch Day

Well, the last two days were hatch days for the chickens and it looks like a very low percentage of eggs hatched. Of the Americaunas we ended up with two chicks and of the Black Copper Marans only 4 hatched. 70 more words


Spring Chicks on the way!

Earlier this month we decided that we needed more chickens. Don’t ask me how we came to that conclusion since we have 20+ chickens already and they are currently laying an average of 15 eggs a day right now! 245 more words


Mashed Potato Breakfast for the Chickens

This morning it was minus 11 as the sun was coming up. For breakfast and later lunch my Americauna chickens had mashed potatoes in addition to their corn/peas/sunflower seed mix. 78 more words


Poached Egg on Toast with...

… habañero sauce, brown mustard, and ground peppercorns for lunch today.

My chickens stopped laying eggs in early December but lately they’ve been laying one or two eggs twice a week. 33 more words


Last Chicken Hatchlings All Grown Up

Remember last May when we our last group of chicks hatched? Click here to see their cute little pictures: Great Grandchicks and Munching in the Garden… 113 more words

Current Reflections

Ugly Chicken Day

So, I apologize for not posting for two weeks, I’ve been down with pretty much the worst flu I’ve had in a long time, and so therefore, I’ve been unable to 1. 288 more words