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Why Volunteer for a Year, When You Will Not Retire Until 73?

During my reading of the local Sunday paper this week, I came across two distinct articles penned directed at the millennial generation and it’s future. 324 more words

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'Merica - Americorps lends KC Parks a hand

Scot’s Broom graveyard

If you live in the Issaquah Highlands you can thank KC Parks and Americorps for your lack of invasives

Americorps brought their hard work ethic and national pride to the slopes of the Issaquah Highlands. 38 more words

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RFP Partner Announcement POSTPONED

To the inspiring applicants & finalists,

Thank you again for your RFP submission. Due to the high volume of proposals received, the Executive Allies Pittsburgh Class of 2014-2015 project announcement has been further postponed until Friday, March 6, 2015. 17 more words



Get the f*** OUT! This is why I hate coming in to the office. The other lady that shares the room reeks of perfume and then she turns on her dang little space heater and the smell of her perfume noxiously permeates the room. 471 more words

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Hopes for this blog

When I started my americorps journey I looked to blogs for answers and ideas of how my americorps expirence might be. I noticed a lot of blogs sort of dropped off as the year got busy. 147 more words

Be kind always

He said “think of it this way, I love making music, I don’t care if people don’t like my music, it makes me happy. It found you, and brought us together” 17 more words

Round 2: Week 5

Monday. While with half the team at a school to implement Lesson 3, I spent some time in phone conversations with staff from our Denver campus. 1,692 more words