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How to (Ab)use Policy at Amherst College: The No Contact Order

At Amherst College, there are many tools at your disposal to ensure the next four years are as “pain-free” and “safe” as possible. Although any Amherst student should have come here to learn about diverse ideas and from people with different ideas and experiences from yourself, sometimes you may find yourself tired of confronting new ideas in the classroom, and want to relax outside of the classroom, free from other kinds of thought. 208 more words

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Climate change most likely to result in food scarcity and violence in weak governments

By Lorela U. Sandoval

It’s anticipated that climate change may lead to more violence related to food scarcity, but the government has a vital role to play in preventing such uprisings, said a political science associate professor who co-authored the first ever study on these combined risk factors from weather changes. 393 more words


This is the day when birds come back...

The art handlers just delivered this crate filled with Emily Dickinson manuscripts and books and ephemera. 

This crate is filled with several smaller boxes, all wrapped in plastic and safe in their particle board and Styrofoam chambers. 130 more words

Emily Dickinson

Irrepressible Reformer

In addition to developing the library classification scheme that still bears his name — the Dewey Decimal System — Melvil Dewey was a champion of spelling reform. 313 more words

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Shoshanim's Journey: Lisa Brooks on Friday, May 19th

Sponsored by the Nolumbeka Project: 7 pm on Friday, May 19, 2017 at Greenfield High School, 21 Barr Avenue, Greenfield, MA.

Professor Lisa Brooks presents new research on King Philip’s War and Turners Falls, focusing on the spring of 1676, when the Nipmuc leader Shoshanim, of Nashaway, traveled toward the Connecticut River Valley on a diplomatic mission, which was halted by the violence at the traditional fishing falls and gathering place. 57 more words


Amherst College men’s soccer players protest ‘for solidarity with the black community’

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette on October 5, 2016.

Student athletes at Amherst College are exercising their right to protest and showing their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by taking a knee during the national anthem. 296 more words

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Amherst men’s soccer team speaks out against Trump’s ‘locker room’

Published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette on October 19, 2016.

Athletes have been taking a stand against what Donald Trump called “locker room talk” and Amherst College men’s soccer player David Lander wrote his opinion on the issue for the Huffington Post. 651 more words

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