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Reflections on a Liberal Arts Education

by Eirene Wang ’13

I spent my last semester at Amherst as an insomniac.

No matter how hard I labored in the day, hitting the gym and the books, chatting with friends and professors, I always found myself painfully restive at night. 1,294 more words



“There is an inherent value, an inherent statement being made by my being on stage or my making these things. And so, that could mean that I could make something that has nothing to do with my race but the fact that I am a person of color doing that should at least show that people of color are capable…”

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“It just became very apparent that I was the only black person there and a lot of the black questions were directed at me: ‘if my play were written by a white person using “black” language…how would I feel about that?’ Well, does that mean my play was “white” language?”

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“When I joined concert choir and looked around and didn’t see faces that looked like mine, it was bit of an alienating experience at the time…it’s hard being in an artistic space and not see people that look like you.”

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“There aren’t too many black people who, when growing up, are told that you should be looking at classical music or join orchestra…I had the freedom to pursue whatever I want, I just happened to be drawn to classical music.”

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Phase 1: The People

Here is Phase 1 of hopefully an expanding project that creates a dialogue on students of color at Amherst College who are involved in the arts. 93 more words

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“…It became very clear that there were things that they couldn’t help me with and things they couldn’t understand because I was a black woman making a play about black people for black people and…they weren’t black.”

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