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Dueling Princeton student petitions argue legacy of Woodrow Wilson

A petition posted by a group of Princeton University students on Change.org addressing the need for administrators to commit to free speech on campus has shown a growing divide in the student protest movement against alleged systematic racism on campuses that began at the  804 more words


Dear Amherst Uprising

Author’s notes:

I struggled to write this piece, to define my experience as one that is not other, but is still distinct. While writing, I felt unsure if I was internalizing my own pain, self-censoring, bearing the burden that Asians, as the silent model minority have always had to carry. 1,549 more words

Amherst College

Let’s Remove the Lord Jeff

I’ve been planning to write an article on the mascot for some time, but at risk of being redundant I’ve been hesitant to do so. I ask myself, what hasn’t been said about the mascot yet? 1,187 more words

Amherst College

Signs Of a Senior: Compassion

I’m not sure if this is the roughest college semester I’ve experienced because it actually is or if, in my old age, I’ve repressed the memories of rougher semesters through an act of self-preservation… 267 more words


Pakistani scholar Nasser Hussain laid to rest

So sorry to have to share this news, about the younger brother of a childhood friend. Obituary below. Also see this article by one of his former students that so elegantly sums up his passions in life. 331 more words


Amherst Activists Demand Re-Education For Students Who Celebrated Free Speech

Reported by Blake Neff, Reporter; 11/13/2015

URL of the original posting site: http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/13/amherst-activists-demand-reeducation-for-students-who-celebrated-free-speech

A group of protesters at Amherst College in Massachusetts has released a set of demands that include punishing students who produced a poster celebrating free speech by subjecting them to…

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A Call for Radical Compassion

Recent student protests against campus racism have been met with hysterical cries that our generation is destroying intellectual freedom in the name of comfort. As Zareena Grewal astutely points out in… 692 more words