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The Top 10 Best Ami Suzuki Songs

Today I’m making a list of the best singles by one of Japan’s most successful 90s artists, Ami Suzuki. The pop star hasn’t really been a prominent figure the past decade of any sort, but one thing that is certain is that the singer sure belted out some iconic hits throughout her reigning supreme. 926 more words


Ami Suzuki - SA

nothing without you
alone in my room
white key
love the island
Don’t leave me behind
My Happiness
in my diary… 201 more words


Ami Suzuki - Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock

Track Listing

  1. Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock

1. Panpaka Pants WHAT YA WHAT YA Rock

I wasn’t sure what I expecting from a cover like that, but it seems Ami took a different route with a track that isn’t drenched electronics.   151 more words

Ami Suzuki