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Mes petites galères : Je ne supporte pas les femmes des amis de zawji !

On y est, dans une heure vous avez la joie de recevoir les chères et tendres épouses des amis de votre mari… Vous avez opté pour la tenue qui vous met le plus en valeur, maquillage à volonté et entrainement devant le miroir pour prendre un air enthousiaste !! 608 more words

Les Petites Galères

[Solo Debut] Ami's solo debut announced !

Today, we have a news about Ami.
She’ll debut as a solo singer !

Her own website will open on 2015/05/11

Here is the video of the announcement, we’ll translate it later. 22 more words


Dissertation - Ambisleep developments

Over the last few weeks I’ve been crystallising my dissertation concept with what feels like a mountain of research. Admittedly, this was only after another few weeks of engaging in the generally self destructive art of procrastination, precipitated by what can only be called a crisis of confidence. 709 more words

Interaction Design

The Literally Broken Hearts of Divorce

Scientifically, relationships have been shown to affect everything from your cardiovascular health to your mental well-being; anecdotally, it can mess with everything from your brand of toothpaste to control of your DVR.

57 more words

Week 14: Women in the Workforce

Women are considered the gatherers and the nurturers. Gender roles define that women should be doing household chores and focusing on raising children. This is an invisible and necessary labor that is not given the respect it deserves. 374 more words