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Owh sobai banate pare ami parbo na?Amar wordpress wapsite


Financial Binary Thinking: Debt, Pt. 1

by Ami B

Here at Obelize, we think that one of the most dangerous logical fallacies around is the false dichotomy. You might know it as black and white thinking, or binary thinking. 652 more words


Colors, mixing orange and pink

These shorts are crazy, which is why I love them. This just reminds me of something I would see on the streets during fashion week. This outfit just screams “I made it through another week! 24 more words


22 May: Dear Ami

Dear Ami,

I do hope you haven’t convinced your Ami to go bungee jumping yet, or gotten her hooked onto Sodoku and crossword puzzles, or convinced her that she should part her hair the other way because it’ll look better and bouncier (which I’m sure it will). 1,169 more words

LTB Update

Hi guys! In short, the update is that there isn’t an update for today. I had hoped my LTB response would work in blog format, but I’m finding that a video just requires a video response. 75 more words


Learn The Bible in 24 Hours: Obelized! // 1.2 Enforced Paganism

÷ “…this essential completeness has been outlawed in our government schools”

Okay, let’s have a chat about how the essential completeness of education, ie., Biblical education, has been outlawed in public schools. 515 more words