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Part 3: Conclusion of the Clone Wars and Amidala's Downfall

There now remains to tell only the grimmest and most personal episode of Amidala’s career. Some historians will contend it showed her flaws as a strategist. 612 more words



Some leisure ArtRaging from earlier this year. Wanted to paint fancy.

Got lazy with some details but quite satisfied with how the face and headdress turned out.


A Broken Cat

I recently found something I wrote when Amy’s cat was dying:

My wife’s cat is dying. Amidala is a big Siamese with a sour attitude and a bad heart. 418 more words

Good News With Pastor Bill

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 5/3/14

The good guys deserve a little play! Queen Amidala had some of the most elaborate makeup and outfit of any I’d ever seen. The former reminded me of a geisha, though I’m not sure if that’s the look Lucas was going for. 16 more words


One Additional Note About the Invasion of Naboo

On today’s Words With Nerds, Execute Question 66, my esteemed colleague Craig threw a ton of Star Wars stumper questions at me. While mixing the show for you wonderful people to hear, I wanted to revisit and add on to one of my answers. 564 more words

Personal Thoughts

An A-Z of Star Wars

Written for an aborted ‘Star Wars Reads’ event, I’m gradually working on illustrating this:

A’s Amidala, imperious queen,

But humbler, when handmaiden Padmé she’s been. 499 more words