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A festive crochet interlude

Hey hey Christmas elves. I’ve taken a little break from beavering away on Pokemon to crochet a few festive fellows for our team at work. 132 more words


Christmas Round Up!

December is marching on!  I’ve not finished doing my Christmas shopping yet have you?

As it’s cold and I’m snowed in today my best bet is some on-line gift shopping, I do enjoy being able to shop from the comfort of my sofa! 93 more words

Thank you!

Little Bobbles wants to thank everyone who voted for him. And in case you’re the one who’s been leaving sexy underwear outside his door, he wants you to know he’s truly flattered by the fanfare. 81 more words


Cành Daisy tím và chú bọ hồng

Mẫu thiết kế thuộc quyền sở hữu của Jessica Doering, Neogurumi.

Người dịch: Ohayou Crafts

Download bản PDF: CÀNH DAISY TÍM VÀ CHÚ BỌ HỒNG… 663 more words