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example amigurumi 2

Proses pembuatan Amigurumi ini memang bisa dibilang lebih sulit dibandingkan membuat rajutan/crochet wearable. Banyak karakter yang boneka mini yang bisa kita buat dari seni Amigurumi ini. 67 more words


example amigurumi 1

Pertama-tama saya ingin menjelaskan arti kata Amigurumi itu sendiri. Amigurumi berasal dari dua kata yaitu ami yang artinyamerenda atau merajut dan nuigurumi artinya boneka… 26 more words


FO: Ridiculous Pom Pom Hat + Octopus Buddy

I’ve finished some of the larger projects that I’ve wanted to work on so I decided to take this opportunity to make some instant gratification projects. 220 more words


Taurus: April 20 - May 20

So, this post got delayed by many things: First, I took way too long on Aries. Second, I had to take the equivalent of 4 tests in a month. 440 more words


How I got introduced to amigurumi

My first entry is going to be dedicated to amigurumi. Why? Because this is my latest love, joy and something I am still getting into. I never thought I could actually make my own toy, one that looks great and is a pleasure to create. 420 more words


Crochet Pokéball; Take #2

My second attempt has gone much more smoothly.

I think it’s just a touch too big and will remove maybe 4 rows from the final pattern but my little Lottie loves it. 42 more words


Amigurumi of Sherlock Holmes 大偵探福爾摩斯鉤針公仔

I spent quite some time on this amigurumi, a character of my elder son’s favourite Chinese reader series at the moment. Based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes, rewrite by a local author in Chinese as children readers, this grey dog (anyone can advise the breed?) was the illustration of Holmes and Watson was a cat. 50 more words