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Free Pattern: Baby D - a just-hatched duckling

Smaller than the Ultra Mini Ugly, tinier than Lil Other Brother, Baby D is the cutest just-hatched duckling you’ll ever want to give away. 372 more words


New dolls!

About two weeks ago, I get a message for an order for some dolls of characters from a Nintendo series called Mother. Now, I try to only make these dolls as special orders, since they aren’t something that people can get just anywhere, so I took it on, and boy were they fun to make! 34 more words


Jumping Jeff!

So, who else loves the iconic Aussie kangaroo? In crochet…? Even better! I designed and wrote this pattern for Lincraft Australia. It uses the Lincraft Double Knitting yarn. 50 more words


Mini Amigurumi Animals

It all started with a few stray balls of cotton…

Isn’t that how most amigurumi start?

But really, I’m very much in the frame of mind to use up my craft stash recently. 354 more words


I have finished the sheep I’ve been crocheting; it looks marvellous.

I’ve previously been referring to sheepy as a he but I’ve recently seen a female sheep name that I really like. 181 more words


Welcome home Tim!

Ever since Tim Peake went into space just before Christmas my two boys have been absolutely hooked on all things space: from watching Tim’s spacewalk live to learning about what he eats for breakfast (it’s freeze dried scrambled egg if you’re wondering!). 273 more words


Yarny Fun Times

Here are some of my latest hooky projects.

Bunnies on the Hill

Here are four bunnies.

Here is the hillside on which they play.

When they get tired, they go to sleep in their warren. 151 more words