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170211 - Full snow moon

Hello! Making book wishlists again, just talked to mom, had breakfast, and am working. Looking for books on gematria.

SO, soon home, half time here now, kinda bored, gotta shop some food on the way home, and then cook. 350 more words


Alma To Represent France with ‘Requiem’

Exciting news from France overnight, where the representative who will follow on from Amir has now been chosen. After his success for France in 2016, the French broadcasters France 2 and France 4 have joined forces to internally select the act who will represent France in Kyiv. 176 more words


170209 - I'll be looking looking for a translator

yeah, titles are coming from my inner demon, just ignore him…

You, you

J’ai cherché un sens à mon existence
J’y ai laissé mon innocence… 537 more words


Heart broken, Eyes opened (A Review on Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner)

For some reasons (which basically include tons of office work and the inability to write this review immediately due to broken heart), it’s been a loooooong time since I last wrote a review, and to be honest, I missed it so baaad, so here it is. 463 more words

Book Review

Amir - povestire de Liliana Negoi

Amir privea în gol, mângâind cu o mişcare inconştientă capul pisicii tolănite lângă el pe divan. Felina, dusă în lumea viselor, torcea sub atingerea monotonă a degetelor bărbatului, ignorându-l aşa cum îşi ignoră majoritatea pisicilor stăpânii, în vreme ce, prin faţa ochilor lui, se perindau, ca nişte ceţuri molcome de toamnă, chipuri rămase fără nume. 1,995 more words


When I was registered by the Muslims

I shudder thinking of what is happening in the U.S. these days politically. The idea of banning Muslims – or anyone from anywhere or any religion – is the antithesis of my ideas of what America is about. 1,167 more words