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Dangal: Whose Story is it Anyway?

First of all, this is NOT a review of Geeta, Babita or Mahavir Phogat’s life-story. Because? We don’t “review” other people’s life based on a movie, especially one which has been fictionalised so much, dah! 1,406 more words


Review Amir 2 in 1 Photo Lens untuk HP

Sebenarnya benda ini merupakan hasil tukar kado suami. Cuma suami memberikan kepada saya, ibuk ibuk rumah tangga yang apa-apa maunya cuma foto pake hape. Ketika saya ingin mencoba lensa ini, secara gaib, saya tidak bisa menemukan tripod saya yang kebetulan sudah dilengkapi universal holder untuk HP. 297 more words


Amir is 8 months old..

My dear son Amir can do many things by himself like crawling, sitting up, and standing up.


A Very Emotional Review of the First Australia-Pakistan Test

Living in the U.S and watching cricket is a horrible combination. Apart from the fact that no one here understands the game or watches it, the timings for most Test matches are so absurd that you need to reevaluate your decision to sit through 5 days and watch them. 1,842 more words

Review: Amir Aroma Diffuser

I was sent this aroma diffuser by Amir for free for a review.

This aroma diffuser is simply wonderful. It looks attractive, is so easy to use and is a great humidifier too! 912 more words

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Review: Amir Aroma Diffuser

I was sent this aroma diffuser by Amir for free for a review.

This diffuser is a wonderful way to get a beautiful scent into your home, humidity in the winter months and a general wonderful relaxing feel into the room you have it in. 958 more words

Fun & Innovative Gadgets

Swimming against the tide of circumstance

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DISGRACED, the new play by Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT), could not be timelier. It discusses race, religion, politics, history and identity at a time when the views of US President-elect Donald Trump on those very issues are stirring controversy around the world. 424 more words

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